Bringing The World To Harmony

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The problem is that people think they own the earth and in their desire to extract from it as much as possible, they are destroying the earth. People don’t understand that the land was given to them only to use, not as their personal property. It drives humanity to wars, struggles to conquer more territory and resources.

How can studying the wisdom of Kabbalah harmonize the different views people have and make them understand that by using the earth selfishly, first and foremost they harm themselves?

Answer: It can be done only if one sees the reverse side of the tapestry! If we don’t learn to see this world as transparent and detect the forces working in the surrounding reality, we will not change. Our ego can break only if it clearly sees how its actions are bringing it pain: “It will hurt me.”

We must come to a state where we reveal that nature is integral. Then I simply won’t be able to commit evil since I will see how in doing so, I harm myself. That is the only way! There is no other possibility. People won’t learn in any other way.

But we can reveal this kind of mutual connection between us through working in an environment in attempting to connect and unify, and trying to rise above our egos. Then we get to feel how difficult it is and begin to examine ourselves, our nature, and all our egoistic properties; we discern how we are or are not able to unify with the others against our desire and to elevate them in our eyes.

This is tremendous inner psychological work, and it continues until we start to discover the internal forces. Basically, it occurs when we reveal the general force, the power of unity, which transforms every one of us.

Yet, we don’t have a choice. Today, humanity finds itself in a very perilous state. We can clearly see that in another 10-15 years we will have exhausted all the world’s resources for energy. Production of all main sources of energy, such as oil, gas, coal, and water, is sharply diminishing. We need to reach balance with nature.
From the Lecture in Rome 5/20/2011

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  1. The light is our only chance. All our energy came from the light, the sun, or son, in the spiritual sense? The matter is but a vessel, a bucket, which can hold the light as a chemical bond. Storing the light has always been the task of technology, and if actualized, there will be no end to the abundance, coming from that which simply shines on us from above…

    Like a water wheel, running on the flow of a river, the light enters and exits the buckets, the vessels. We have in our blindness, been running around dumping out all the buckets, screaming, where are more full buckets!? Fools we are, for the buckets must be filled, it is like someone who only delicates (it is that crude) but does not eat, he will die. In and out, breathe in and out, eat and release, wake and sleep, yin and yang, bestowal and reception, up and down, black and white, root and branch. It is all the same, so utterly simple, yet infinite, that we have forgotten, for clearly, we are so arrogant that we think it must be something else. So foolish are we, the infinite sun simply shines on us, weeping, watching us spin in blindness and madness. Let us end this, together. Together we will fill the vessels with light, and none will go hungry ever again! So much abundance that even death itself will be sated, and hunger no more for our end, embracing no end.

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