Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 7


A Disastrous Direction for Europe

Question: Meanwhile, the European conflicts only become sharper. How is it possible to move the process onto the right track for union?

Answer: The problem is that when the aspiration for union is accompanied by competitiveness and hatred, it leads to chauvinism.

Good trends towards the consolidation of people by being mixed with rivalry and xenophobia have been made more difficult through political games, producing Nazism. And in modern language, this is right-wing extremism, extremist union for the sake of the annihilation of everything that is “not with us,” “not like us.” Instead of educating people and providing information for them, they want to annihilate them.

And without a doubt, everything is advancing towards this.

In order to change the direction, we must conduct Integral Education in Europe. We must explain to people that the present direction will ultimately bring them to World War III, which for this continent will be an immense disaster, for the more that nations are developed, they are more “delicate,” “fragile,” and weak. For example, the difference that would result from disconnecting electricity or disconnecting the water supply in Africa and in Europe would be awesome.

Today we are dependent upon a multitude of factors that are most essential for our lives. Moreover, in order to put them on the threshold of survival, we don’t have to cause physical damage to these systems or others at all; it is enough to disrupt the operation of the computers that manage them.

Question: So how is it possible to halt the deterioration towards war?

Answer: This would be only through the dissemination of the method of Integral Education. It is this which is specifically accommodated to the union of the modern world.

This method says that the center doesn’t need to promote the interests of one nation or faction but the common interests of co-existence. We must stretch connections between people and really connect them, and not just for show.

It is possible to begin by talking about small, separate, and localized initiatives in any country or society. But in general, union must become the province of everyone. And if in the framework of the correction of the entire world, the Jewish people in Israel will provide a good example, then everyone will accept it.

Let’s go back to Europe where competition and hatred undermine union. The time has come to explain to the Europeans that the world is “round” and mutually connected, that it is impossible to correct one thing without the other. And this means that all of our efforts must be long-range and directed towards helping the entire world, towards concern for humanity as a whole, until the entire Earth will become one united family.

It is already clear to everyone today that the world is integral and is becoming a single global “village.” And this means that all the inhabitants of this village must live in balance and harmony with each other. How? Let’s begin with our European nations where the problem of conflicts and quarrels has already become quite tangible.

The problem is derived from a continuing and gathering lack of balance. So let’s begin by introducing the method of balance into communities and cities, provinces and cantons. Each country will receive the mechanism appropriate for its “balance,” and after that, these European examples will be used by us in other continents as well.

That every nation will reach balance on the basis of its national outlook is normal. In any case, the integration process will continue with an international standard. This also cannot be otherwise in a world in which everyone depends upon each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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