Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 5

Laitman_419Europe: United and Separated

There are two wide-scale conflicts that lead to animosity and hatred:

  • among locals and immigrants;
  • among different countries of the European Union because its stronger members tend to benefit from its weaker members.

Both types of conflicts are triggered by the economic crisis and lack of integral education which should have been chosen as a basis for European unity. It’s not feasible to reach unity only by promising vague potential benefits in the future. People are different; they are either hostile and hateful or totally indifferent to each other.

Unity is not about the absence of entry visa regulations among European countries. It’s not an issue at all, nor was it ever a hard procedure. Unity requires much more.

Question: What awaits Europe as a result of its internal conflicts? What will happen in the future?

Answer: One of the two:

  • either Europe will realize the evil that it faces and will find out how to correct the situation, or
  • it will go through devastating disasters, wars and other afflictions. In this case, the European population will come to realization of the evil later, thus postponing its correction.

Question: What is evil? What exactly do Europeans have to understand?

Answer: They have to comprehend what the common global problem of Europe and the world as a whole really is. Why have they reached such a state? What’s going on? Once again, we approach another world war; yet again, we hate each other. Currently, we are close to a new war. People must comprehend the essence of the processes that take place in the world and find out what can be done to stop them.

Europeans should admit that mixing various nations who lacked genuine interconnectedness and were not close spiritually, culturally or religiously was a huge mistake. Any union has to meet certain criteria. Random decisions of European politicians and economists are very far from reality and have nothing to do with authentic unity.

Question: Does it mean we will come to recognition of the evil the hard way?

Answer: Yes. The crisis and potential collapse of the world are on the way. Europe is not an exception. Governments are incapable and incompetent to accept the idea of correction.

There is a chance this message will go through the general public. It will happen if common people will create a movement that will later transform into a party that will put forward correct requirements to their governments and will eventually become a part of governmental cabinets. Yes, politics is dirty and messy, but it is the only way to reach the decision-making level and attract voters who will give their ballots to those who can launch qualitative changes in culture and education. New balanced economic is possible only under this condition.

At this time, nobody can cope with it, as with the economy, because it’s a derivative of social relationships. It means that before anything else, we must correct the relationships between us.

As an example, a mini-economics of a normal, friendly family is about every family member having everything they need: children must have enough special baby-food; the elderly should have necessary medications. Do you agree that contemporary governments take good care of their citizens? Not at all! Modern economics is based on the advantage of the strong, on how much one can “grab and run away with.” People don’t care about others. Family economics would collapse if it were built on such an attitude, whereas so far, modern economics somehow has survived even though we clearly see their distorted structures.

So, first of all people have to reach a state when every member of the society feels that “we all are one big family.” Then, based on this new type of relationships and mutual positive attitude, it will be possible to build a new type of economy with the help of integral education.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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