Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 4

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What is to be done if the European Union has no common denominator? Some kind of common basis that connects everyone is required here.

But the political leaders haven’t preceded union with shared information and education; new values have not penetrated into their minds and hearts; they have not brought their ideas to discussion so that the people themselves will think and consider how to unite in the best way.

The concept of “union” itself requires clarification, familiarity, and there even could be the creation of all kinds of public committees. Methodological television programs are required; a unique educational program for schools is required,; all of Europe must learn the principles of connection and union, and also examine this.

In short, a complete educational process would be required for Europe before forcing the arrangements of the European Union on the continent. But instead of this, a decision was accepted and it “descended” from above; certainly it was in a nice democratic envelope, but solely and only on the basis of economic benefits. And the economy is unstable: today it is this way, tomorrow another way…a crisis arrives and all the cards are reshuffled.

Besides this, union without a common program is “crippled”: it makes it possible to profit in one thing at the expense of something else. Suppose that we provide security but lose in the economy, or we provide for the economy but lose in education. In fact, all areas must be balanced.

And in Europe the major work of cultural union was not done on time. So the Germans remain Germans, the French remain French, and so on. As in the past there was no true and warm connection between them, today there is still no connection like this.

All the threads that connect Europe pass through the banks, and this is called an “alliance.” Yes, a financial community is concealed behind its facade, but it is accompanied by internal struggles over these or other “slices of the pie.”

A structure like this will not sustain its position. It costs a vast amount of money, and ultimately a game that promised a gain becomes a loss.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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