Long Way To The Temple, Part 3


Birth of the Methodology of Connection

Abraham learned from Kabbalists who lived before him, starting with Adam, the first man. Abraham understood that human egoism expands from generation to generation, thus making us even bigger egoists; it detaches and forces us to exploit each other.

This is why we eventually approach a state in which we start using our egoism correctly, i.e., make efforts to rise above it.

Still, we remain complete egoists unable to ascend our egos even though we realize that our selfishness is the reason for all our troubles. Ancient Babylonians suffered a lot from their selfishness; humanity continues to suffer to this today. Our egoism ruins our life.

Abraham’s discovery made him gather a group of disciples who were ready to rise above their egoism that burnt in each of them.

He found many people whom he gathered in a group and who were willing to ascend above their selfishness because they were not complete egoists as our contemporaries. Their egoism was much weaker than ours. Besides, they remembered how good their life was before they started hating each other, i.e., before the erection of the Tower of Babel.

When hard times began, there was nothing left for them but to split and spread around the world. Many of them felt that Abraham really offered them a true solution to their problem, so they joined him and Abraham started teaching them the methodology of unity.

This is how a group who called itself “Isra-El” (meaning “directly to the Creator”) originated. They strived to reveal the upper force that connected them and dwelled among them. While exploring the upper force, they realized what the world they live in is like. The network that we build among us is in fact the upper force.

Later, Abraham’s group grew and formed a nation named “Israel.” Israel are the people who strive for unity and who work on building connection among them above their detachment.

They value the power of separation because it gives them a chance to apply more efforts in their pursuit of unity, thus allowing them to recognize the force of nature—the system of the upper governance.

The force of detachment and the power of unity are two opposite essential forces of nature, like plus and minus, north and south. One cannot exist without the other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/5/15

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