Long Way To The Temple, Part 2

Laitman_115_04Abraham’s Discovery

Ancient Babylon is a special state of humanity that was sandwiched in a very compact territory between two rivers. It was a well-developed civilization that existed about 3,500 years ago.

The Babylonians were so interconnected that they began to feel the rejection of each other, as if the people were good friends while they kept a decent distance, but when in closer proximity immediately began to quarrel. After all, we all are selfish; we can’t stay too close to each other and are compelled to disperse.

Ancient Babylonians discovered the phenomenon called the Tower of Babel. Human egoism grew like a tower to the heavens, thus separating them to the degree of hatred that arose among them and that prevented them from mutual understanding to the extent that they felt as if they spoke different languages.

They didn’t know what to do in such a critical situation. Then one wise man named Abraham offered a solution. Abraham was a priest. He manufactured and sold Babylonian idols. Babylonians were pagans and worshiped trees, stones, and so forth. They deified all of the forces of nature.

There were a lot of priests in Babylon, but Abraham was very famous among them because he was a son of Terah, the High Priest, who was a very influential cleric.

Abraham investigated the situation in Babylon and realized that humanity was obliged to attain such a connection in which their state of crisis would be revealed, as shown by their tremendous egoism.

After this phase, there were only two possible paths: either disperse even further or rise above their selfishness. Indeed, the purpose of nature is not to separate people but to raise them above their egoism.

The ascent above egoism leads the human race to a new developmental stage. For that we should combine our powers, desires, thoughts, and abilities. Connection between us opens a network of liaisons that eventually discloses the governing force of nature to us.

Our selfishness is only one negative force of nature. If, despite it, we continue our efforts to unite, we will reveal two opposite systems that must merge with each other: a will to receive and the power of bestowal, hatred and love, rejection and attraction.

If we continue our yet unsuccessful efforts to reconcile these two systems, we suddenly understand that there is some sort of connection between them. The force that integrates these two completely opposite systems and makes them one whole is called the upper force. The discovery was made by Abraham when he revealed the general force of nature.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/05/15

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