Short Stories: Abraham’s Rough Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt wasn’t easy for Abraham to disseminate his ideas since most Babylonians were against his method.

He believed that everything stems from one force, although it later splits into many opposite forces that have no free will.

The Babylonians, however, claimed that there are several forces that managed the world and that they were all connected by a system of different mutual relationships. The mythologies about different gods that fight one another, devour one another, have children, and so on emerged from this basis.

Abraham refuted all these beliefs, but at the same time he understood that he would not be able to lead all of Babylon. This was the dramatic situation in which he found himself. According to his method, it is possible to attain the goal of creation only when every person in the world recognizes and realizes that there is only one way to reach one form which we create among us by connecting into one whole. The main point is the internal unity among us, despite the heterogeneity of our corporeal bodies.

We have to take care of the body, give it what it needs to maintain its existence, so that rising above it, one engages in the connection and unity between us and advances towards the goal. This is called the evolution of the human being within us. Moreover, this human being is our general image.

By uniting internally among us, we receive one general image called Adam (man – with the same root as “Domeh” –  one who resembles the Creator), which was the same name given to the first person to investigate the spiritual world.

Abraham went through a rough path before he discovered the method of spiritual connection and unity. His first teacher was his father Terah who taught him according to Noah’s method. Terah believed that paganism is justified and Abraham tried to accept his views until he rebelled against his teacher. This is the dramatic breaking point, the disagreement with the teacher, when the student outdoes his teachers by ascending to a level above.

On the other hand, however, Terah tried to force his teachings on Abraham and showed him all the bad qualities and the evil in polytheism after which Abraham could find the right way. He realized that only one force of goodness and love manages the world, and it includes the evil force, only so that it will be used to ascend above evil.

By discovering this, Abraham became an innovator, a revolutionist, who changed the course of history and showed humanity the right path.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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