The New Barbarism

Dr. Michael LaitmanWho would have thought that the atrocities and anti-Semitism like we are witnessing today could take place in the 21st century and lead humanity to such a miserable state in which it seems to be sinking into a dark abyss once again? It is as if our ego is dropping and our mind is totally lost, thus annulling all of humanity’s experience and its whole existence for ages.

Savagery is raising its head again. It seemed there was a time when we learned something after so many centuries and so many mistakes! But no, barbarism is once again revealed and moreover, it is on a totally different level and disregards anything else. This is taking place together with an unprecedented development of weapons that can destroy all of humanity. Will we be able to achieve order by using them now?

Why is it so? The age of enlightenment has passed and everyone  saw the way to future happiness. But today we have descended much lower in the level of our values and expectations.

100 to 150 years ago studying, science, art, and culture in general were valued and respected. People in their sixties still remember masterpieces of poetry and literature and evenings of discussions and debates. If a person wasn’t interested in that, he was considered ignorant. He was ashamed to admit that he didn’t read or participate in these activities.

A young person’s goal was to absorb all the pearls of humanity and its cultural achievements. Science may not have attracted everyone, but there was a general acceptance of the demand for culture, which appealed to everyone.

Moreover, absorbing culture was supposed to be in such a way that it would make something out of you and educate you so that people would see that you were intelligent. While in the 1930’s this was shameful, it was respected in the 1960’s.

At the same time it, was shameful to show that you were physically strong. On the contrary, if a person was skinny and weak, but looked like an intellectual, he was a model for others. Girls admired him and not other types.

When I was a student, authors like Vazenski and Yavtushenko were still young and new. Literature was on the rise, and poets like Akodjeba and Wisotzky were born before our very eyes.

I was also part of a small group in Leningrad and participated in literary, artistic, and musical clubs. Looking hopefully at the bright future of humanity, we couldn’t imagine that barbarism would return and that people would kill one another without even counting the casualties.

In short, not long ago, everything was just the opposite, but the following decades brought about terrible imbalances. Half a century has passed and everything has totally changed in a way that no one could ever have thought possible.

We see that the laws of nature are fixed. They are revealed to us alternately, displaying the same pictures so that we will learn from all these transformations and see what is important: that we must understand these laws and use them correctly. We cannot simply flow with the current, but rather we must apply these laws and not wait for a better brighter future. We must build it with everyone beginning with oneself.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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