Three Generations, Three Levels

laitman_232_04The Torah, “Numbers” 10:33 – 10:34: They traveled a distance of three days from the mountain of the Lord, and the Ark of the Lord’s covenant traveled three days ahead of them to seek for them a place to settle. The cloud of the Lord was above them by day, when they traveled from the camp.

The Ark of the Covenant going before the camp symbolizes a person’s intention, which is followed by the desires. It goes “three days’ journey  ahead” because after three levels the connection between the intention and the desire is totally lost. This distance has to be kept so that the uncorrected desire will follow the intention but will not be able to use for its own sake. It is about a person’s spiritual advancement as he constantly changes his desires into increasingly more altruistic intentions.

Question: What happens if the distance between the Ark of the Covenant and the people grows smaller?

Answer: We would begin to use the desire with the intention of for our own sake. Three levels is the distance after which the connection disappears. In our world, for example, there is a connection between three generation: ours, that of our parents, and that of our grandparents. We don’t feel the generation of our great-grandparents. This is the reason that if a person wants to learn about his roots it is enough if he knows whom his grandparents and his parents were and all the others are irrelevant. In our world this loss of connection happens naturally.

Question: Why can only the intention determine the resting place?

Answer: It is because only by the intention can we determine which places are ready for correction, according to their attributes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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