Humanity Is Becoming Less And Less Intelligent

laitman_543_01In the News (  “In a study that was done recently, it seems that there is a limit to the development of intelligence and understanding in a person, after which it gradually decreases, so that humanity is becoming more and more stupid. This is reflected in a decline in the measurement of IQ in the world from year to year.

“The study detailed the reasons for this:

  1. The intellectual level of a person is limited by some kind of genetic barrier, humanity has already reached this, and now it is found in withdrawal.
  2. Smart people are less active regarding reproduction than the stupid.
  3. Women who have received good intelligence reproduce less than women who are not intellectually developed, and in this way the ‘smart’ genes are gradually disappearing.
  4. The law of natural selection has stopped working, people don’t need to struggle about survival, progress has released humanity from the need to adapt the brain to obtain nourishment, clothing and shelter from animals and enemies.
  5. People have begun to vacation frequently. Two weeks of idleness by the sea in luxurious idleness is capable of lowering the IQ by 20 points, because of partial degeneration of brain cells in the frontal lobes. Numerous holidays worsen the situation because these are additional vacations.”

My Comment: Egoism as the basis and and the force of our development has reached its “earthly” maximum; it has stopped providing us with positive results. The reason for this is that according to the plan of creation, we need to begin to correct it, to build our next level of development not within it but above it, meaning in contrast to it. In this manner, we will use it only negatively, to rise above it with good actions for others, and not for it.  And we receive the power to do this from the Upper Light, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif).

The need for such development will reveal our egoism to us; it will show us the suffering that it brings, which will force us to rise above it. Work above egoism is called spirituality, rising above it is called going to the Upper World; the method for adaptation to this development is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is where we have arrived!

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