Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 8


Egoistic Pulp

Question: Today, there are internal conflicts that are tearing Europe apart. How can we prevent the growth of hatred between the different sectors when we are working on union?

Answer: Integral Education will tangibly show people that there is no other way out. They are entering into a program possessing a global character to begin with, which clearly determines the future horizon—the union of the whole world.

After all, it is inevitable; the laws of nature obligate us to this. From year to year our development approaches general union more and more, in spite of the bloody attempts to stop this process, which in spite of it all is strict and continuous, no matter how much we may deny it.

What is the reason to struggle against the laws of a system that produced and developed us? I can shout at the top of my lungs that I don’t agree with it, but will this help me? The laws of nature are many times stronger than political movements, including the most extreme of them. As of today, these laws are deployed in two ways before us:

– World war using the most up to date means of mass destruction, which will be a death sentence for Europe.

– Salvation by means of balance with nature, which reveals itself as global, integral, unified, coherent, and balanced. This means that human society, and the Europeans in particular, must also achieve this.

So let’s begin. This is the choice of Europe and humanity.

Question: We are truly powerless against the laws of nature. I may disagree strongly with the aging of the body, but the body will age in spite of it all. What is the law that operates at the level of human development in general? And how does it come to be expressed today in the European Union?

Answer: According to this law, all of us will “roll” into cohesion, union, and oneness.

This is like a mixture of various fruits in a blender. At first it is still possible to distinguish between them, yet the blades continue to spin and the differences gradually disappear until a uniform “fruit pulp” is created.

And so it is possible to reach this union in a good, wonderful way, without wars, disasters and terrible spins in the “historical blender.” The general trend is that there is only one culture, the knowledge of which we are carrying. So let’s conduct connection workshops in families, in workplaces, in schools, in prisons, everywhere. Let’s teach people to connect. And since modern separation has already gone as far as it will go, let’s insert a component of requiring this common program.

However, it is important to work gradually here. Start with small groups, after that larger groups, cities, regions… gradually, every people will make an arrangement for themselves, and after that, the nations will also be able to find a common language in the context of international connection—European and global.

That is how the process operates, from small to large. Gradually we gather experience, build the required mechanisms and systems, organizing educators, teachers, guides, trainers, instructors, and other experts.

After all, in any case, nature will transform us into “pulp.” Until now this happened under very unpleasant pressure from its side, through wars, disasters, epidemics, and the like. At present, we can integrate ourselves within the general “pulp,” aware of the situation and direction of inevitable development.

Question: What is the technology for preparing this friendly “pulp” from individualists and egoists?

Answer: Education, explanation, presentation of the facts testifying that there is no other way.

Question: But what will connect between people? What will be the glue between them? After all, the blender just cuts up the ingredients.

Answer: We produce the power that connects between us through the efforts themselves, our efforts in consolidation. This force is also latent in nature; this is a global force. One only needs to activate it.

If we begin to build balance between us, taking steps towards union, then we awaken and produce the natural force of union. This force is integrated into the system; it is found in inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, but we awaken it on our level so that it will operate among us, within us.

Question: Basically, what is this force of union?

Answer: What is it that connects the parts of the whole? What welds the parts of matter with one another? What is the force of gravity that attracts objects towards the center of the earth? We discover it according to what it does.

That is also how the power of union, the “human force of gravity” works, when we truly yearn to be consolidated. Then it will help us.

We sit together, not even with any particular desire, and we begin to converse, to discuss the ways of reaching union; we begin to do something together in this way and then gradually we truly connect, enter into a welding between us, understand more, feel each other more.

Question: Why doesn’t this force help the European Union unite?

Answer: It is because from the start the European Union didn’t place before itself the right goal. In fact, its goal was a banking and industrial union for the sake of profit.

But we are talking about a completely different kind of profit—educational, human profit, the advantage of having a single heart with the universal nature that is absolutely completely integral. Its uniting force doesn’t act by itself in every case; rather it acts only according to our efforts, intentions and goals.

Specifically we human beings are capable of activating it. Along with this, we don’t have the power of union, but we have only the power of separation . Nature is welded and whole, yet human society is in contrast to that: We reject and hate each other; we are not interested in reaching balance. This is human nature and it is up to us to correct it. We correct it by means of the first steps in consolidation that awaken the power of union, and it will take care of us and give us the ability to truly connect.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/09/14

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