Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 9

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Question: If the financial and economic union of the European Union for the sake of profit showed failure in meeting its obligations, what is the essence of the right union?

Answer: It is the creation of a single family. Then, we feel ourselves as people living on a small planet, in a small village that must be organized in such a form to align the standards of living and ensure the optimal standards of living for everyone.

This is because, today, the population of the Western world is essentially living luxuriously as compared to the majority who are suffering from poverty and hunger. So. let’s take care of our “ball.”

Question: If we truly want to feel ourselves as one family, will we receive the power of connection that is latent in nature?

Answer: Yes, and so the time has arrived for explaining to all people where we are living, in what kind of system, in what conditions, and under the action of which laws. We desperately need education, a program of integral education, a learning bench for humanity, until it washes its conservative and rigid consciousness and becomes permeated with a new approach, for everyone is suffering. All of us are sometimes on the threshold of despair. Hatred is increasing, the institution of the family is collapsing, and we are deteriorating without knowing where.

All of this must be explained, chewed for people, and they must be given a solution, a new direction that will make it possible for them to be saved.

Question: Is there at least one nation in Europe today that is capable of achieving the emotional intensity great enough to want to be a single family? In my opinion, the Europeans are very far from this.

Answer: Right, but on the other hand, it is specifically this that makes it possible to explain the current situation to them in comparison to that state that the law of nature demands. In spite of it all, it is bringing them closer against their will and pushing them toward connection.

So, the gap between the present differences and the required union will bring war if they continue to oppose the process of the interests of nature. Gradually, we will begin to push them to an understanding of the hopelessness of the current situation in light of which they must still change in spite of it all.

Question: In general, in what place on the face of the Earth is it easiest to awaken people so that they will want to become a single family and would summon the unifying force of nature?

Answer: According to the order of the correction of the world, first of all, we, the people of Israel, must go through this examination, and this will influence the entire world. If we begin to build priorities in this direction, then we will become an example for everyone, and no one will be able to ignore this, shut their eyes and remain indifferent, not a single nation and not a single person.

If we neglect the changes toward the direction of union, then this message will penetrate everywhere. The headlines of the news media will cry out. After all, the Jewish people are always the target, always the center of world attention, and so, through the right example, we will do the work. I have no doubt that Israel must be the first to embark on this path.

Today, they hate us specifically because subconsciously they feel that we are evaders and avoiders, and are not showing the right example. Ultimately, all of the negative processes are designed to awaken us to connection and union.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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