Anti-Semitism Raises Its Head In The United States

When I visited Los Angeles late last year, I gave an interview on the subject of anti-Semitism to the magazine Israeli Week, which is targeted to Israelis living in the United States. Here are excerpts from the published article.

In the world there are many anti-Semitic incidents, but the greatest and most powerful anti-Semitism that we have ever known will break out specifically in America. This will happen soon, and the Jews there will have nowhere to escape. The flame has already broken out on the university campuses, and this is only the beginning.

In interviews and speeches throughout the world, Dr. Laitman warns the Jews about being too frivolous while the land is already burning under their feet.

– Is it possible that seven million Jews and a million Israelis living in the United States today don’t understand events around them?

– Precisely so. This is happening right under their noses, but they don’t understand the extent of the problem. In the University of California in Los Angeles, a branch of the Students for Justice in Palestine, tried to compel the Student Council candidates not to go on a subsidized trip to Israel. The AASA academic association unanimously approved the boycott of Israeli universities.’

At the University of Michigan they called the pro-Israel students “dirty Jews.” And recently a professor at Temple University cast doubt about the death of the six million Jews in the Holocaust to encourage the community for an academic boycott of Israel. And this is only a small portion of examples that reflect this spirit that is only going to intensify.

– The Jews and the Israelis in the United States feel safe. The economy is flourishing, there is no threat of terrorism or any military threat, they live in peace and quiet.

– So what? Germany was also an advanced nation in which Jews held key positions and it seemed that they were secure. Six million people were murdered in the Holocaust, and German anti-Semitism was nothing compared to the anti-Semitism that will break out in the United States. It will be much more difficult and painful.

It is not pleasant for Jews to deal with the truth. However, these are not just horror stories, this is truly terrifying. The land of Israel is the only refuge to which they are meant to reach. And this would be preferable sooner than later. They don’t have time to waste. The Jews in the United States must understand that the Americans will not protect them; one cannot rely on this. In fact, the Jews there are putting themselves in a situation like Auschwitz.

In any case, the anti-Semitism will do the work. Soon it will put pressure on the Jews throughout the world to come to Israel. I know that at the moment it is just about impossible to convince them, but the pressure will begin much sooner than they think.

-So what is the solution? I suppose that now you will turn me towards the wisdom of Kabbalah?

– Yes, only in the wisdom of Kabbalah is there a foundation that will lead to a solution. The wisdom of Kabbalah – is a science that reveals how the world is managed and how we, humans, must act within it to influence this system. If we don’t work on the system in which we live, then we are like wild animals – subject to control, and advancing like lambs to the slaughter.

So it is up to us to investigate and understand how this system around us works with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then we will take the “reins” into our hands and can influence what is happening. Only after a person takes the “reins” into his hands, does he get freedom of choice.

– Do you have an explanation for anti-Semitism that can lead to a solution, which until now many others have not found?

– Recently I met with a world-renowned scholar who studies the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. He said to me that in his study he didn’t find an answer to this question. He only understands that anti-Semitism is irrational. In regard to hatred of Jews, this doesn’t ever happen in regard to any other nation.

We are even hated by people with whom we never had contact. Researchers see these phenomena, but don’t investigate them in depth. They don’t understand the causes and the effects, they don’t know if it is possible to soften them and how it would be possible to do this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah takes us back to Abraham. The Creator asked Abraham for Israel to become a “Light to the Nations” through the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” What happened in Babylon is happening to us today all over the world. So there was a small group of people living in the world who felt that they were all connected with each other. However, their ego rose up to the heavens and this led to hatred between them.

They found two approaches for getting out of this situation. The popular approach was to move away from each other and settle in different places. But the approach of Abraham, who was known as a great spiritual leader, was different. He claimed that it was necessary to come closer to each other, and to be based upon love instead of hatred. He taught his group to live with love – so that love would rise above the hatred and would not give the ego the ability to manage it. This group became the people of Israel.

However, through the years, the ego rose again, and again unfounded hatred broke out until everything fell apart. And then we found ourselves in spiritual and physical exile, and since then we became distant from each other.

– Ego and love – is this all that there is? This seems like too simple an explanation.

– And we don’t need more. If there is no love, we are not a people; instead we are a group that doesn’t know in the name of what it exists. So we “merited” the hatred from all people.

Love is a “spice” that must be added to the evil inclination to “spice up” the ego. Love is what we must give to the nations, for this is what they are waiting for.

The nations of the world claim that the Jews control the world and all evil comes from them. If so, they are found in the hands of the Jews, and only the Jews can change the world. What the nations don’t understand is that we cannot disappear. They still don’t want to acknowledge this.

And so first of all it is necessary to hate the people of Israel, and it is up to us to shorten this process as much as possible. With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can transform the hatred into love and to convey it further to the rest of the world.

– How can one eliminate the ego?

– My ego is not under my control. I only know that it is not possible to destroy or reduce it, it can only continue to grow more and more. When we “spice up” the evil inclination, the ego, through devotion to love of others, then it is possible to “eat” the ego instead of being strangled by it.

Today we are living in a “small global village”, and we are prepared to convey this message to the world. When we become a leading group, we can change our destiny, as well as influence the anti-Semitism.

While we are not doing this, a new Holocaust will continue to approach us with giant steps. We will reach what happened in Germany seventy years ago – only this time on a larger scale and with greater force, all over the world, in which simultaneously it will be decided to exterminate the Jews.

This is not just a grim prophecy. This is a reality that is being revealed here and now.

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  1. We now know that the Swiss are using Israel and that this whole confabulation is USA, Israel, Switzerland, old England and Saudi Arabia. Please help all to relax. Knowledge, power and control is not everything! lol people are rabid. I love you, you know this. Am I correct?

  2. It is really a catch 22, again, for Jews. If they stay it will happen as you say in the US.

    If they leave for Israel then Israel will lose US support and sooner or later Israel is doomed. Once the Moslems have nuclear weapons they will them to implement shariah “law” (madness) by wiping out Israel even if the Israelis wipe out several hundred million Moslems.

    Most likely Jews will scatter all over the World to again restart their never ending search for a life without looking over the shoulder.

    Antisemitism in the US will go turbo because manyein the middle and lower classes, of all races, will blame the Jewish elite for the internationalisation of US culture and the US economy which undermines the anglo-european basis of the US and ships jobs to China, etc.

    The Jewish elite is not ganining points by identifying with the Republican elite that wants to deny the voters a Trump candidacy.

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