We Must Not Allow Nazism To Take Over The World!

Laitman_200_01Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation”: It is a wonder of nature—what happened to the Germans who were considered one of the most civilized nations and suddenly turned into savages, the worst of most primitive peoples that ever existed. Moreover, Hitler was elected by a majority.

The process of human evolution is not consistent with our rational logic. The German people were the most developed nation in Europe and actually in the whole world; they were considered the most highly educated nation that brought the world enlightened kings, advanced technology, industry, classical music, science, and philosophy.

All this came from Germany and it was actually this highly developed nation that instead of highly cultured people turned into barbaric savages that burned books and only wanted power. This nation changed so dramatically.

The world mistakenly thinks that Nazism was solely a product of Germany; whereas, it is the result of democracy and socialism that remained without religion, morality, and a world court. In fact, all the nations are thus equal and there is no hope that the Nazis will die out with the victory of the allies because tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons, for example, will adopt Nazism because they too live in the world of the democrats and the Nazis.

The Nazi regime is one of the egoistic evolutionary phases of humanity that we cannot prevent. If we continue to develop egoistically, there will certainly be fascist regimes in each country, in every nation according to its level of development.

Although the French suffered greatly due to the Germans during the war, there could be a fascist regime in France too. We already see that the leaders of the extremist right nationalist parties like Mary la Pen are already part of the government.

The same thing happens everywhere, no matter which country or nation. Nazism we definitely be one of the social structures if we don’t start working on the unity of our nation in order to reach adhesion with the Creator. This is the only way we can prevent the uprise of fascist Nazi regimes in all countries.

If we don’t, fascism will take over everywhere. There is no way of preventing it. Countries greatly affected by Nazi Germany will become even the same or even worse!

Fascio” means unity, a bundle. If we don’t want the fascist regime to follow capitalism as we witnessed in Germany, we have to make sure that the unity they are aiming at will not be egoistic, but rather for the force of bestowal. We only need to change the direction.

It is clear that nations are yearning for internal unity. We will soon see how fascist regimes are taking over the world if we don’t manage to bring them the Light that Reforms through our dissemination, which will immediately change this process.

Thanks to this we can prevent the process that leads to the victory of Nazism in the world and to a third and even a fourth world war. Instead we can rise directly to unity and correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/14, Lesson on Topic: Holocaust Memorial Day

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  1. Nothing in this world happened or will happen without the influence and participation of the Jews. As said before in “The meaning of Rosh Hashanah for an individual” and “For the Jewish People”. If all would tend into the right direction,this world would looh different.

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