Say “No” To A New Holocaust

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Through its activity, can our group help the world prevent a new holocaust now?

Answer: Definitely! I am constantly speaking about this; it is for this that we exist. If Israel decides that the interior is more important for them than the exterior, everything is in our hands. I mean that the interior, bestowal, must be the higher value, more dear than reception, in other words, faith above reason.

Say No To A New Holocaust
If we arrange Israel this form (1-2), nothing more is needed. All the rest will take care of itself. It’s not necessary to look at the world, as it will be a copy of what happens with us.

Yet today, neither our group nor the exterior of Israel, meaning the people of Israel, are suitably connected. And it’s also necessary to take into account that the exterior of Israel still has a part called the “mixed multitude.” All of these parts must be arranged correctly, from above to below.

Israel is to blame for this, and only they can correct everything. The problem is that when we remember what happened, it’s up to us to draw the right conclusions and begin to act so that this will never come back. But we are not doing it.

So the Memorial Day for the holocaust comes and life goes on as before. And that we are going and advancing towards that same state doesn’t bother anyone. People don’t understand the connection between this state and that one.

Israel is fighting for its image all the time. But why relate to this if through our inner state we determine everything that happens outside. Billions are being poured into creating a good name for ourselves in the world. But this won’t ever happen. If we do what is necessary to unite, the whole world will feel this inside, will accept this knowledge together with the Light, and will understand that something good happened.

And people will understand that this is coming through us. They will lift us upon their shoulders, as the prophets wrote, in order to bring us to the sacred Kli of the collective soul. The world is ready for it. The problem is that before us are the people of Israel, a “stiff-necked people”, as it is called in the Torah. But we must carry out our work on that condition.

A day like this is the most appropriate time to talk about this to all of the people. Everything depends upon Israel. This people endured many troubles throughout all the generations. But if a person goes deeply into the wisdom of Kabbalah and sees the plan of creation, he cannot blame the higher supervision for anything. He will be convinced that it’s always good and beneficent.

It’s impossible to do anything against this because everything is done with a single goal, to bring us to wholeness. If we have a child, we can pamper him with everything and comply with all of his desires. But everyone knows that he will grow up to be a worthless man. So there is no choice, we must take him together with all of his egoistic nature, with strong hands, and educate him, and then he will grow up to be good person.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/14, Chosen Topics on: Holocaust Memorial Day

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