When You Get Close To The Creator, You Raise Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout our history we have advanced thanks to the development of the ego. This is what makes us different from animals, plants, and inanimate matter in which the desire to enjoy hardly develops.

A person must be given the freedom to choose, or at least to be taught, that this freedom exists so that the ego will grow and he will come closer to it. The greater efforts he makes in preparing and correcting it, the greater the evil he discovers.

Therefore, when a person studies and makes efforts in the group, participating in its work, trying to lower his head as is required of him, he establishes different kinds of support. This is called seven years of satiety.

Then the seven years of famine are revealed, since he has prepared his vessels and now he can cope with the unpleasant revelations in his desire to enjoy. This happens so that he will be able to work with his desire and discover that his egoistic nature is his enemy. Therefore, Moses complains to the Creator that when he begins to speak to Him and reaches the desire to enjoy with his spiritual mind and heart, with the wisdom of Kabbalah, this desire becomes even worse.

Before he thought about his correction, there weren’t so many ascents and descents. There were only slight movements as a result of being incorporated in the group, but later he began to understand that it was possible to get closer to the Creator by connecting and establishing a nation. The closer a person gets to the right line, to the Creator, to the value of bestowal, to the awareness that the upper force is the most sublime attribute and there is nothing but that, the more strongly the left line and Pharaoh awaken in him.

This happens so that a person will remain balanced, will be able to stabilize his state in the middle between these two lines, and will find out who and what he is. Therefore, Moses rightly complains that the people feel worse since he came to the Creator. The reason is that the moment Moses comes closer to the Creator, Pharaoh grows in order to keep the balance between the Creator and Pharaoh. We must not forget that.

Moses comes to Pharaoh to speak on behalf of the Creator, which means that he understands that his goal is to get closer to the Creator. As a result, everything becomes worse, and only the balance between these two forces can help out here. This means that the two poles have to be connected and we should realize that they both come from the Creator, that there is none else besides Him, and that we have to follow both, which means the middle line.

We must not forget that the two lines have to be incorporated in the middle line until a third partner comes, connects, and completes them. This means that there is a constant war.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/14, Writings of Rabash

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