Which Way Should We Go?

Laitman_088Opinion (Umair Haque, Havas Media Group Director):We are stuck in the ongoing crisis in our lives in the middle of an existential desert wondering whether this is what our life has come down to, the life of the lost generation.

“In the present we are creating the future being at the end of a historical era that was full of great ideas and wonderful metamorphoses that lead to a happy life.

“We want to make an easy profit, to give a real chance to influencing human life. There is a revolution in the idea of what prosperity and being well off mean and why we need to feel that it has to include a full perspective and the examination of a conscious existence. Do you want to heal the soul? Heal the world.”

My Comment: There are many similar texts all over the net, but no one has a clear plan. There are seemingly logically correct texts, but when you read them more deeply you discover concepts and ideas that have no real basis. The good thing, however, is that people are looking for a way out. Eventually they will prepare themselves and be ready to understand the method of Kabbalah.

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