Why Is Israel Being Discarded?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (worldcrisis.ru):  “As far as it seems, Zionism has become obsolete and I don’t think that the world needs it anymore, as the nation state of Israel. The Rothschild family and the like simply used Zionism as an ideology for self-enrichment, so the Jews were only necessary material for them.

“An analysis of events from the last few years shows that they have already handed over Israel, handed over Zionism. Their plan and most important task is Israel and millions of other Jews to be annihilated. Since the beginning of the new millennium the rumors began that they were ‘discarding’ Israel.

“America still supports us, because their interests demand their permanent presence and influence in our area. So that they will maintain their interests, they have stood on both sides of the conflict in the Middle East and have not been interested in its solution. But today, the circumstances have changed, America has had enough fun and world support for the Palestinians has grown, whereas support for Israel has decreased.

“Information analyzed by United States intelligence: ‘Planning for a Middle East without Israel,’ noted that Israel cannot stand against the growing Palestinian power, whereas the American government doesn’t have the military resources and finances to continue supporting Israel.”

My comment: Everything depends only on us, on the people of Israel. After all, we are the only ones who are determining the state of the world! So it is necessary to see all the external pressure on us as pressure from Above to connect and unite. If we can implement unification, or at least the trend and tendency towards it, then before the eyes of the whole world, the situation in Israel and the entire world will be changed.

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