Ynet Article: “What Do You Do Against The Wave Of Hatred? Unite”

Following the latest events of hatred, Rav Laitman wrote a special article for Ynet.

Ynet Against the Wave of Hatred

“What Do You Do Against the Wave of Hatred? Unite”

“A murky wave of extreme hatred washes over and poisons the country. There is no tranquilizer that can subdue the pain that is for years already gnawing at the body of the nation, and even if there were such events, at most it would neutralize the warning light that is warning of the impending dangers of existence. Only national, social, and educational action for unity and recognition of others will change the situation.

“The days of misfortune and hatred in the Israeli society brought each ‘tribe’ to call for tolerance of the other tribe, and in the same breath accuse them for the deterioration of our deplorable situation.

“The leadership, as usual, protects and searches for the fastest and most effective way to put out the fire of hatred that specifically spread on the day of love. On the side of grief, the tears, the anger and protests, we must stop and examine the cancerous disease that has broken out in us.  For this there is the need for a healthy and balanced intellect. There is no use to try to cover up or sweeten the situation. We need to look the problem in the eye, to analyze it, and get to the root. and find the source of the disease. And when we get to the root, it will be easier to find the cure.

The Disease – Separation, The Cure – Unity

“The disease is the lack of connection between us. The society is divided into innumerable tribes, which makes it very difficult to build a bridge connecting the differences between us. With the dizzying pace of fast growing conflicts, one should not be surprised if tomorrow these will raise knives against those, and those will sit with rifles against these.

“The wisdom of Kabbalah feels that the separation comes from the out-of-control ego. It is our nature,  it is ‘evil from its youth,’ and as it develops it increases day by day. There is no need to invent a new magical formula for dealing with the erupted ego, since it already exists in the foundation of the nation of Israel. It is the same system of connection and love of brothers that Abraham our father from ancient Babylon taught us, and on this basis we were established as a nation.

“The wisdom of connection that Abraham taught was how to work correctly with the evil that grows between us. Using a systematic method, it builds new angles of perception towards others, which brings mutual connection, which is good and encouraging in all aspects. The treatment is to balance the force of connection over all evil that is revealed between us. The evil that is awakened calls us to connect more as a group, to study, to build bridges of love above all differences of opinion.

What Is the Law of Mandatory Connection?

“I suggest starting a national, social, and educational process for connecting and caring for others. I would be happy to see a government program that would require from each of the nation’s citizens to learn to connect to others. Each one would be familiar with the other’s story and experience practical workshops that provide tools for creating the correct connection with others and correct behavior for society.

“We are speaking here of an educational process for the entire society, with whose help we will get to know ourselves and the surroundings we live in, and all share in the knowledge that will create shared awareness and the sense of belonging to a single whole.

“For such a national project there is a need for a broad and unified foundation that would involve all the sectors and operate in all segments, starting from kindergartens, schools, universities, work places, employment agencies, through the media and in hospitals and nursing homes. Within the framework of the project, each citizen who learns to correctly connect to others above all the differences would be rewarded with benefits from the government

“When our children’s future is at stake, we can no longer settle for nice words. It is time to act! We need to ask ourselves what we can do today so that disasters like these don’t present themselves to us tomorrow.”

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  1. Are you sure these are the right things to say to a person feeling hatred? Talking about a stupid superficial group and connection in every two sentence? Or would you advise them to go to sleep right away even if you think that may not be possible that you may still wanna say it because it is the only way of relief for the person? Either death or sleep? And since you are experienced you choose the kinder option and say sleep unlike me? Why cant you discard your group for that one individual if collective and individual is same?

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