China Will Help The Palestinians

laitman_559Question: The president of China,Xi Jinping announced that China will support the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem. Likewise, China granted thirty million dollars to the victims of the war as humanitarian aid, seven million dollars in support of the Palestinian state, and three-hundred million dollars to strengthen the rule of law.

It seems that the world essentially is beginning to accept the Palestinian state, and with China joining, it will become a serious power.

Answer: What choice remains for China? It must follow the other nations. When America, Russia, and the rest of the nations support something, China goes along with them. It cannot allow itself to be in opposition, even though it derives no benefit from this. Although every nation looks to what will be profitable for it, the current international situation obligates China to act practically.

Question: In your opinion, will Israel recognize a Palestinian state?

Answer: It depends on us, on how we behave, not on the policy of our government.

We don’t need to think about whether a Palestinian state will be established or not, rather how to rise to the next level of development and show the world the way.

As soon as we do this, the world will begin to support us and follow us. It doesn’t matter in which geographic area. It is important that the world will begin to see the next stage of its development, which is unity, harmony, and connection between everyone as nature teaches us. So, there is nowhere for us to run. We must reach this.

Question: Must this process specifically begin with the Jews?

Answer: Yes, if we begin to bring the positive force into the world, it will change the way people think, open new horizons to them, and through our world, people will begin to see the next stage of human development and understand what the structure of the world, the economy, the society, and the nation must be. If this would happen, then we would have no fear about whether there will be a nation or not.

Everything will work out so that the Upper Light will pass into this world through us, and then Israel will be a respected and important part of the world community because it is only through us that the ideology and power of the new generation can move into the world, with whose help it is possible to realize this.

The Jewish people have a unique mission that is written in The Book of Zohar, and today it is being revealed to the world. All of us together, the Jews and all the rest of the nations of the world, must realize this mission together. So, let’s reveal it and see how it must be done, so nature won’t force us to this through negative forces.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/22/16

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