Destroying The Wall Of Indifference

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: No matter what I do, I feel that there is a wall between the friends and me, but I don’t have the power or the desire to destroy it. We cannot connect during the study because we lack connection with the teacher.

Answer: It doesn’t matter; you still have to act. Or do you want more suffering? If you are pressured strongly, you will feel that only the friends can save you, and you will immediately run to them, break the inner emotional wall that separates you from them, and want to connect totally with them, at least because you want to get rid of your problems of the pain, the fear and the worry from something that simply drives you crazy.

So, do you want such suffering? You feel that if it weren’t for them, you would never be able to shatter the wall between you and the friends. Don’t slander yourself. It is better that you act.

Others must help you feel what a friend is. On the one hand, they must show great love between them to show you that you are not part of that, so that you will feel great envy, “What is happening to me? Why am I not with everyone?” On the other hand, they should show you that they are a bit distant from you and show you some disrespect as if you are not part of them anymore so that you will feel some rejection. They should start shaking you a bit.

Question: There is a special modesty in our group.

Answer: It isn’t modesty! It is laziness! How is modesty expressed if I don’t help the friend?

I have to wake up, nag, and tease him, but to a limit, skillfully. Otherwise, how will I help him? Rabash says that we must show one another the importance of the goal. If I show the others that the goal is everything for me, then there is nothing but that! What else is there in life? What else is there in the world?

At the same time, when he looks at me, he will begin to envy me at first. Secondly, he may even hate me to some degree (depending on the level of correction he is on), and he also may thank me for showing it to him. In any case, he doesn’t remain indifferent anymore. This is how we continue to operate.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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