Cosmic Coffins

laitman_746_02Comment: Such a huge amount of debris has accumulated in space that scientists believe that it can be a cause for military conflicts between countries.

Answer: The origin of the waste is not clear. Maybe it’s military facilities, running all sorts of communication interference and so on. All this shows, we have not made any progress at all towards the goal of being human.

When we conduct archeological excavations and reveal layers, and we usually say that we have reached a cultural layer that includes broken shards, skeletons, and the rest that remained of the previous states, that is, everything that man has discarded and left behind him.

This is also what we do in space. Many objects have been sent to space. They say that they have already lost contact with dozens of military satellites, and they simply float in space. Soon we will not be able to fly into space. Therefore, when we look at our planet from the side, we can surely say that we have buried ourselves under our own cultural layer.

Comment: They say that space debris nears a trillion pieces of varying sizes.

Answer: They will float there for ages. Even when the Earth, on which the so-called “civilized humanity” lives, will no longer exist, this cultural layer will be suspended in space. The next generations, if they reappear on Earth, will be able to study us by digging into this cosmic garbage, our cultural layer.

Comment: According to these fragments, one can say that we are complete egoists who don’t care about the next generation.

Answer: People cannot agree on putting an end to all this. Man leaves behind him only dirt and ecological waste materials that harm the ecology, which are not part of nature’s cycle of natural organic waste materials.

Question: Why don’t we think about the next generations?

Answer: Because we are egoists, we cannot think about anything except perhaps a little about our children and grandchildren. Generally, we cannot think about anything or anyone. Our ego limits us to such an extent that it makes no difference how great or talented we are. We have reached a dead end, and it is a good thing. If we realize that we have come to it, we can actually rise from the deepest descent to a great leap. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls for this and promises us this. Let’s hope that it will be so.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/25/16

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