Natural Disasters And The Role Of Humanity

laitman_738Question: What is the role of humanity in nature?

Answer: The role of humanity in nature is to understand that they are the center of nature, and they must work so that all of nature will come to a state of total harmony, without any disasters, and in absolute, total and eternal serenity.

Question: Do the actions of humanity influence the appearance of all kinds of disasters?

Answer: The disasters are our fault because in the final analysis, everything gathers within the person. And when a person overcomes his ego through connection with other people into a good general system, the person influences nature so that all of the disasters, all of the undesirable phenomena, disappear. We exist in a single integral system. The levels of still, vegetative, animate and speaking are found within nature and are a closed circle, a ball, a sphere. And we are the most important part of this sphere, the highest phase of evolution. If we bring ourselves into balance and harmony, then we also balance all the rest of nature. Today already, there are scientific proofs of this. If we succeed, then nature will in fact immediately restore itself; so great is our power that it can either harm or correct the world.

Question: How can an ordinary person understand this?

Answer: When it becomes so bad for him that he begins gasping in despair, then he will be forced to begin to be involved with his correction, even without understanding anything. But now we, the Kabbalists, try to do this so that before a person reaches this limit, he will understand from the start the imperative of unity and in this way he will avoid his suffering.

Question: And what will happen to the devastated ecology, with all of the tons of plastic embedded within the ground?

Answer: Everything will be processed immediately; it will be swallowed by nature and placed before us in the best most sterile form.

Question: This sounds like a fantasy! Where will all of this disappear?

Answer: This doesn’t matter! The forces of nature will do their work, so that everything will immediately be balanced. Moreover, the world will reach such balance, such unity, such harmony that we cannot even imagine! This will be an absolutely different world.

Question: How will the cleansing of the polluted oceans and the earth happen?

Answer: I don’t even think about this. For this activity, forces of nature will enter, which in the meantime, we have no concept about: the force of bestowal, the force of love, the completely new force of interconnection. All reciprocal, thermonuclear activities will seem minute in comparison! These are completely new characteristics of nature, about which today neither physicists, biologists, nor other scientists have the slightest idea.

Comment: Which is to say that filth will transform into a useful mineral?

Answer: We won’t even need useful minerals; we will exist on an absolutely different level! We will no longer need this world; we will enter into feeling a completely different system of mutual cooperation of forces, into a world of higher harmony.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 8/18/15

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