Towards Spirituality, With Help From Above

Laitman_931-01The weekly section of the Torah, “BeShalach” tells us how Moses sent the spies to the land of Israel, the land of milk and honey, where wonderful special fruits grow. Suddenly they saw that giants lived there, who didn’t allow them to get in and to get near those fruits.

This means that in order to conquer this land and to discover the greatness of the spiritual world, they have to fight against very big egoistic desires and gradually overcome them. But a person doesn’t have the power to overcome even the smallest egoistic desire, to dominate it and to conquer it. He needs help from Above in order to do that.

The question is how should he ask for it, since a person has no confidence in anything. He thinks: “What could I reach for? In any case it is impossible!”

It turns out that the fruits are wonderful and the land is actually paradise, but there are giants every step of the way, and they feel like ants running around under their feet that could be stepped on without the giants even noticing.

It says that the spies took a bunch of grapes that could only be carried by eight people together and with great difficulty, which shows how heavy it was. It is indeed so because a person weighs himself and understands that he cannot overcome these obstacles and that he really needs help from Above.

Thus the people begin to complain: “Why has God brought us to this land?” A riot is about to start in the camp of Israel: “Let’s pick a leader and go back to Egypt.”

After having been through so much and having attained so much, they discover that they are dealing with the upper force that leads them in life, that the target has been set and everything is planned, but if they stubbornly refuse to accept it they will die in this desert! Indeed a totally new generation arrived at the land of Israel.

Why did everyone die in the desert? It is because they didn’t have enough power to advance and were thus doomed to die. The Torah says that every year on the 9th of Av they used to dig graves for themselves and lie in them. Those who died died and those who could rise from the grave kept on advancing.

Thus was forged new generation that was brought up in the desert and were not afraid of anything until they reached the borders of the Promised Land.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/15/15

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