From Fundamental Particles To Adam

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 35: In Phase One of the will to receive, called “still,” which is the initial manifestation of the will to receive in this corporeal world, there is but a collective force of movement for the whole of the still category. But no motion is apparent in its particular items. This is because the will to receive generates needs, and the needs generate sufficient movements, enough to satisfy the need.

From here it is clear to us that desire is the motivation for everything, even on the level of the still.

Question: The electron is found in constant movement. What does this say about its desire?

Answer: All of the fundamental particles exist precisely because they are found in incessant motion. Hypothetically, if they were to stop moving, they would disappear. The beginning was in the “Big Bang,” in the spark of spiritual energy that gave life to our entire universe. From there, the nature of the still, vegetative, animate, and the speaking is derived and this provides for the incessant, unlimited movement that we see. Everything is derived from that spark that erupted into the plane of this world, created “space,” and filled it.

In the foundation of matter, energy loss doesn’t exist. Its expansion is not its disappearance, for the spark remains and acts within everything. This is the reason that we cannot stop an elementary particle.

Question: So what is the difference between correction of a simple desire and a complex desire?

Answer: It’s impossible to correct a simple desire. This is because desires on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate are not ready to understand their deficiencies. The desire of the still that is found in a static state doesn’t require anything. If we move it from its place to a place where it will feel uncomfortable, it will react; let’s say it’s like a stone that rolls down a slope. But at the same time it is not acting, rather it’s nature that is activating it.

The vegetative level produces independent actions whose purpose is to supply the optimal conditions for growth. The plants already make an independent calculation but only in one direction, how to reach a particular height and realize an internal program. If this program conflicts with something, then it’s necessary to bypass the disturbance. Therefore the plants bypass what disturbs their growth.

Unlike them, the representatives of the animate level are not ready to realize their inner program if they remain in one place. They reproduce differently, live and die in a different form. All these are a great desire to receive, which is included in the three levels.

In connection with this, it’s not clear in what way the human is different from the animate level if he is concerned only for his body and his regular life. You see the animals also provide for their own corporeal existence, including the need to continue the species.

The human is called Adam (Man) if he wants to be like the Creator. In this case, “corporeal movements” will not help him. This is because the level of Adam is outside the body; it belongs to its inner spark, inherent in it since the “Big Bang.” Through this, it receives connection with Keter, with the Giver, connecting to the foundation of creation and going out to the level where the origin of our entire universe is, from there the ascent begins.

And his body remains in its place. It doesn’t belong to this. In the end, Adam will not have any sense of belonging to it.

So, Adam is the level of adherence with the Giver. He goes out from his present existence and reaches a higher level. And this is his uniqueness, for he is ready to “abandon” himself and ascend upward.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/21/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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