Immigrants, Angels Of Anti-Semitism

laitman_547_05Question: Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, said that anti-Semitism is a much wider phenomenon than she had thought and therefore we should actively resist it.

She believes that anti-Semitism was brought to Germany by immigrants that don’t like Israel and the Jews. Is this the problem?

Answer: This isn’t the problem. The world’s population isn’t happy with life and thus pressures the Jews who are merely 0.1% of the world population. Humanity sees them as the ones to blame for everything. This is a law of nature; it is spoken about in the books of  Kabbalah.  It has nothing to do with Mrs. Merkel.

Angels are forces of nature, and one of these forces is called anti-Semitism. It is very big, a massive, evil, direct force that is totally controlled by the Creator.

Just like the forces of nature, it operates in absolute accordance with the plan of creation in order to bring humanity to its correct form, which is achieved through reeducation from evil to goodness so that humanity will know what is evil and what is good. And then it will attain the depths of the universe. Humanity has to undergo all phases of its development, and it is the Jewish people that will lead it, a group of people who connected and came out of Babylon in order to advance.

If they fulfill their mission, the anti-Semitic force will gently pull them forward instead of pushing them from behind, pricking, hitting, and burning them. It will spread a red carpet before them so that they will advance and set a good example to the world of how humanity should unite with nature.

He is the reason that the Jews are to blame when humanity suffers, and in fact they are to blame for everything.

Question: Are the immigrants “angels” who help accelerate this process?

Answer: Of course, the immigrants are catalysts that push humanity forward. They fulfill their goal.

Question: Does that mean that they show the world that pressure has to be put on the Jews?

Answer: Absolutely. The perturbed humanity will show the Jews their place in the world.

The Jews will set an example of the right mutual relations and how to resemble nature. If this happens, all of nature and the upper force that manages everything will be revealed. Humanity will understand what it exists for and will begin to acquire its true, eternal, and whole form.

Question: Doesn’t it sound too arrogant that the world has to follow what the Jews do and to help them?

Answer: They will be happy to help. Just as they hate the Jews now and are ready to kill them, so will they love them and help them, because it is the law of nature.

We are also part of this law of nature, and in addition, we can hear from other nations that we are a special people, so how can seven billion people relate to ten million? It is only natural that they believe we are special, but for some reason they don’t envy us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/24/16

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