From A World Of Illusion To The World Of Reality

laitman_222_0Question: For a few years, I have tried to understand who I am and what my mission is in life. How is it possible to continue on the way without becoming confused and to be able to differentiate between truth and illusion?

Answer: In fact, all of us are found in a completely illusory world, and we are beginning to reach this understanding by studying the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

But how do we find the true world, the true image where we really dwell, and not this nature that we supposedly feel ourselves in now, this  alleged world—this is the problem. To do this we must study and engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah translates to reception, perception, and feeling. Our imaginary world, which is formed for us today through our very limited physical senses, splits and opens before us and we begin to see another world, which is the next level of human development.

Those people in whom is awakened a need to feel life in its true form and not remain in an illusion, generally come to the wisdom of Kabbalah and begin to study and become seriously involved with it.

But to develop new senses within us, we must go outside of ourselves, out from our present senses. So we were given the illusion that we are in this world so that it will seem that near us are people like us who yearn to attain their true state and the surrounding reality.

Going outside of ourselves means to begin to link, participate, and connect with people like us, such that our mutual integration with each other helps us to begin to feel what is outside of us instead of what is inside of us. Then we will begin to perceive the world that is outside of us and not what is inside of us.

This is our main task, which is implemented through a very simple law, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). It means that we begin to relate to others as we do to ourselves, and we look at the world through their feelings. This is what is called, “going out of yourself.”

The Kabbalists gave us a complete list of advice on how to attain the right connection between us, and through realizing that advice by working in an organized group, we reach a state within it in which each one of us feels the others and not himself.

In this way a person goes outside of himself into the others, he feels within them a higher state, and in this way they become detached from themselves and are integrated with him, they feel their higher state, and then each one of us begins to attain a new system of the structure of the world, what is found outside of him.

Along with this, all the limitations of the perception of this world disappear, and we begin to feel everything that is outside of us, and we reach this through new external senses, not the five physical senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.

The external senses are built such that a person is found above his desire, against his egoistic drive to soak up and absorb everything into himself. So then he acquires new characteristics, characteristics of bestowal, characteristics of love, characteristics that go outside of himself.

The new senses that are acquired by us are called the “soul” in which we feel the upper world, and we are no longer bothered by our limited perception. Then we begin to understand, attain, and feel everything that is truly happening with us and in all of creation.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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