The Safest Place On Earth

laitman_937Question: We are witnessing disasters all over the world these days, one of them being the situation in the Ukraine. What once seemed like science fiction is now happening in Donezk and Bolgnesk. The Jews are once again returning to Israel. Are you in favor of the Jews coming back to Israel?

Answer: Of course, I believe that our place is here and that we should become a united people, as it says “become Light unto the nations.” We can do it and then we will really reach another level of existence people can’t even imagine. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about it.

In any case, we will have to unite as one man in one heart. When we fulfill the principle of love thy friend as thyself among us, the positive force will flow through us to the rest of the world, will connect all of humanity, and then the world will reach absolute balance.

The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature already exist in perfect balance but not the level of the speaking. Man’s origin is from the monkey and he differs from all the other animals because he has an egoistic element and lacks the opposite altruistic element. He only has the minus without the plus and we should acquire this plus. But we have turned off the tap of the positive force and don’t allow it to flow into the world. Therefore the nations of the world are in a state of minus and they blame us for it.

We have to turn on the tap so that the positive force will flow through it to all of humanity. This is called being Light unto the nations. It can only be fulfilled by the connection between us, and we can do it.

Question: There are about a million Russian speaking Jews living in Israel. What is their role in your opinion? After all it is very hard to communicate with them,

Answer: We can explain things to them from a scientific perspective or in every possible way by physics, through an anthology of…

Comment: But they should feel it and not try to understand it rationally.

Answer: Only a strong shock can bring them to this state, and this is undesirable. Let’s hope that we will be able to find a more liberal approach and thus reach them.

Question: Unfortunately, the positive force is revealed among us when different problems arise. For example, twenty thousand people attended the funeral of the soldier who was killed in Gaza. I also strongly identified with everyone, but what can we do so that the positive force could be revealed in ordinary situations? I expect that you will say that the answer lies in education.

Answer: That’s right, it depends only on education and it cannot be done any other way. If we want to change things in Israel the only answer is unity. Nothing else will work and we have already seen that. No government can do it but only the people though the right connection between them, which the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us. It is the basis of our existence and today it should be rediscovered.

Comment: How can we approach the Russian speaking population with the concept of Kabbalah? After all, we will have to explain to them that it isn’t about religion.

Answer: It is intentionally arranged that way so that both you and they will have to work on yourselves. This is how our ego places obstacles along our way. But let’s hope that we will be able to cut down the afflictions.

Comment: You have said that Israel will actually be the safest place on earth.

Answer: Israel is the most sublime, safest, and happiest place on earth. If we begin to work correctly, there will be no chaos here, and it isn’t only Kabbalah books that tell us about that. That’s the way it will be. We will either reach the bright future through a series of world wars, including a nuclear war, or in a good, smooth way by connecting. Let’s wish each other luck.
From KabTV’s “Talk on the Current Situation in Israel” 7/24/14

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