Bring Everything To The Correct Conclusion

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: I participate in roundtables organized both for Hebrew-speaking Israelis and Russian-speaking people [in Israel]. In this case, Israelis are more like children: they are much more natural, closer to nature. But Russian-speaking people are stiff, ironic, with very logical thinking. Having accumulated an experience of powerful anti-Semitism, they believe only in power.

Answer: Belief in power is just irrational. Suppose we are surrounded with chemical warheads on all sides. Do we have an opportunity to reflect them? They would click on a button and that’s all. Or they would dig a thousand tunnels and begin to come out of them right in the middle of your yard, and you would be able to do nothing.

Today, fewer and fewer people believe that the solution to the problem is on the level of power. This is evident from the despair that fills the people. There are only a few steps from despair to the acceptance of the method of Kabbalah as a solution, and we must try to make them. This is our people, our destiny, and it is in this historical moment we have to do this.

With the fighting, we gain the ability to disseminate, educate, bring people up. Thus, we need to act quickly in this period otherwise a new stage will arrive, which will relax people, will put them into a state of false peace. The more we organize with each other as one man with one heart, the further we will move the threat of war and increase a favorable attitude towards us from our neighbors and from the entire world. Let’s check.

What’s wrong with this experiment? What will we lose in this case? We do not invest anything but good efforts with respect to our own people! We are not going to pay anything to anyone, to give, to bow down—no! We need to create a good, kind atmosphere within the state, which, by the way, occurs among us only during a war; common grief brings us closer. So, let’s do this in everyday peaceful life and see how the war ends in the world.

Comment: You say this project does not cost a lot of money.

Answer: This is not only about money! How many people die on the roads? What problems exist in families with children? We will balance everything by bringing people closer.

To begin with, we will sit at the roundtable and talk. A good effort will still pay off. There will be fewer problems on the roads, in families, the number of drug addicts will decrease, health problems will be reduced.

Comment: I can tell you from my own experience that it really works. But the fact is that it is very difficult to make people sit in a circle and just explain this to them.

Answer: Let’s start with mothers whose children are at the front, and with former and future soldiers, that is, those who feel the current situation more acutely within.

Comment: Usually our wars are ended by outside pressure.

Answer: But Hamas does not want a truce with us, and we can safely continue actions. I believe that in military terms, we need to occupy Gaza again, and if we cannot turn the world’s attitude towards us in the favorable direction and we have to hand Gaza over, then we have to hand it over only to Abu Mazen. That’s all. Without Hamas.

Question: So, you think that even if the world begins to shout at us, we should not listen to it?

Answer: If we begin to unite, the world will not yell. Thus, we should by all means continue and strengthen our roundtables.

Let’s hope that we can bring everything to the correct conclusion and will have time to unite the people through whom we come out of all the problems. I am an optimist.
From KabTV’s “The Situation in Israel” 7/24/14

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