Europe’s Future Is In Our Hands!

laitman_426Question: What is the future of Europe as you see it and what will be the solution to the impending problem of the immigration that the local population encounters?

Answer: Europe has been tolerant to the great number of immigrants without demanding their integration into their new home. Consequently, the national identity has disappeared, and now the ethnic diversity in Europe is too great.

There are two approaches to this problem: a multi-cultural society or assimilation.

I see the problem in the complete destruction of social ties. Society becomes global, integral but at the same time increasingly more egoistically separated. The social alienation is typical of the whole society, and they will not be able to restore the old civil society.

It can only be built by keeping the diversity and establishing a general cover of love above it. This is possible only by using the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and we can reach that either by the path of sufferings or by the path of the Light. The choice we make will determine the success of our dissemination of integral education (of the wisdom of Kabbalah).

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