How Will Future Organizations Be Managed

laitman_565_01Opinion (from “Scientists have discovered that throughout history of mankind, humanity has undergone different phases of evolution and in every phase there was a leap in consciousness, morality and psychology.And every time, when humanity rose to a new level, it has devised a new way of co-operation, a new model of organization.”

Opinion (Frederic Laloux’s book and talk Reinventing Organizations): “On the new level of our evolution all the plants are divided into teams of ten people. The teams are managed and organized independently and coordinate and decide what their wages will be and even take decisions regarding the absorption of new workers. If there are misunderstandings they turn to a central office for advice. The manager’s only role is to represent the company in the outside world.

“The teams operate collectively and there is no hierarchy of personal achievements, since there is a rotation of offices and people serve as marketers, employers, and sometimes as their colleagues’ mentors. There is no strategy that the management brings here or slogans that are forced unto them. Each one understands the responsibility he has. The main goal is to make the world a better place.

“Profit ceases to be a goal in itself and is the outcome of good teamwork. Despite the paradox, companies remain competitive and have considerable profits. These are not theoretical calculations or a utopia but a concrete new method of managing organizations and it is the prototype of future organizations.

“We can see such examples in Patagonia, the developers of Valve games and the power company AES.”

My Comment: The search for organizational models will continue, but will lead to even greater disappointments in the end because without changing the nature of man from selfish to altruistic, and the reward from our world to revelation of the Creator, we will not find any solutions.

Therefore there will be no positive outcomes if we don’t disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and fulfill it.

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