How Is The Soul Connected To The Body?

Laitman_712_03Question: How does the soul control the body?

Answer: There is no connection between the soul and the physical body, the body exists by itself. It is only if a person acquires a soul that the upper world is revealed to him or her.

One begins to feel not only that reality perceived within his ego for his own benefit that is our small limited world. He goes out of his ego towards love of others and horizons open up in front of him; he also begins to see the upper world together with our world. His view is expanded; he begins to see the entire creation in depth, seeing the connection between everything that exists, the entire creation.

The upper world is the system of higher management that operates our whole world. The purpose of this system is to elevate all those who live in our world to the level of the soul, so that everyone will be involved in mutual bestowal, instead of what is now, each one wanting to grab something, to get something for oneself. We need to work differently, with mutual bestowal towards each other.

Everyone must reach this sooner or later. If we are late in this correction, then we receive blows from all sides. But if with the help of Kabbalah we begin to change, to correct ourselves, then we merit a life where we see the entire world from end to end.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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