The First Settlers In Israel: The Lost Foundation

laitman_741_02In each one of us there exists an informational record that is called a Reshimo (remembrance) (Roshem – impression, from the word “Rishum” – recorded). For the Russian-speaking Jews, the Reshimo was transmitted from their grandparents and their great-great-grandparents, and from all the generations of Kabbalists from Eastern Europe. So they were specifically more sensitive and were inclined towards the spiritual idea.

Along with this, the Jews of Russia adopted many traits of the Russian people: uncompromising, yearning for something higher, and impulsive irrational actions. All this typified them because they lived on the same land that gave such drives to the people who lived on it.

There are many things that are derived from the land. For example, if a European lived in China or in Mongolia, he would become similar to the local inhabitants, if not externally (although apparently that too) then no doubt in his character.

In turn, the characteristics that the Jews adopted from the Russians helped them make the transition to the land of Israel and to draw all the rest after them. They established a socialist nation here paralleling the nation that was established in Russia. Many years before declaring independence, they began to build and establish Kibbutzim, organize trade unions, and found several businesses on the basis of socialist principles. But gradually they lost the connection with the internal Judaism, with the principles of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” “One whole people,” “All of us are one family,” and so on.

Question: Weren’t the Kibbutzim founded on this basis?

Answer: Every Kibbutz had its own character, but there were no relationships of connection between the Kibbutzim. The immigrants didn’t lay the basis for the laws of the Jewish settlement so that everyone who came from abroad would know that he had to become separated from his egoism and become part of one single family.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/7/15

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