Population Growth Will Reshape The Map Of The World

laitman_628_4In The News (Open Economy): “By the beginning of the new era, there were only about 250 million people in the world. On the eve of the XIX century, the world population reached a billion, and in the XXI century – already 7 billion people. By the end of this century, as the UN predicts, the world have be 10-11 billion inhabitants. …

“The fact is that that the ‘third world’ will bring an ‘unprecedented human tsunami’ scientists said in the middle of the last century.Today, the problem is obvious -. Six of the seven billion people are living in developing countries, and of them – 1.6 billion are men aged 15 to 50 years. ‘Is it any wonder that they are trying at all costs to change the world order?’ – Asks Anatoly Vishnevsky. …

“… according to UN experts, the global population explosion may be completed by the middle of the XXI century, although by that time humanity will increase by three to four billion. And most importantly, per Vishnevsky, ‘the demographic ratio of the masses of large regions of the world will change much.’ People in developing countries constitute a huge ‘overhang’ over-developed – the population ratio in them is approximately one to ten in favor of the former. Actually, today Asia’s population exceeds 60% of the world, and the area occupied by them is only 23.7%. …

“Mass migration from developing countries is already provoking social upheaval in the European Union. In the long term, according to Vishnevsky’s forecast, large-scale migration in general can change the political, ethno-cultural and religious map of the world.”

My Comment: War will not stop this phenomenon; the only option that remains is the equal distribution of wealth, standard of living, etc., which will be achieved only through the re-education of the entire population of the world. Developed nations must think about the future about how to bring the world to a single form, which is the only means capable of preventing chaos.

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