What Does Social Inequality Depend On?

laitman_568_01Question: Should we accept social inequality as a reality? For example, in India, some accept the fact that they are born to a certain caste that will never be higher. Or should we aspire to wealth and wisdom?

Answer: If a person is smarter or richer, it will not make him equal to others. With such an attitude toward life, we would go only downhill, and indeed the world will now begin to slide sharply downward.

We actually have almost completed the era of capitalist development, and therefore will not be able to use natural resources properly to continue our egoistic development. Everything we have built will crumble before our eyes.

Question: But there are not enough resources in our developed world to feed the poor and hungry.

Answer: Who lacks resources? There is a surplus of goods in our world, and it all depends on the right connection between us. Is there a global shortage of cars? Do you know how many new cars come off the assembly lines and are stored in warehouses because there is no one to sell them to. Do you know how much oil there is in the world?

Resource distribution depends only on the connection between people.  Yearning for wealth will lead to nothing, and will only further divide us. We need to teach people how to connect properly, and then they will be able to establish a more equal society.

The problem is that society needs a production system that needs to be capitalist while according to the connection between people, it must be socialist.

The Kabbalah can lead people to this. Only in this will we be able to develop properly so that we will all be happy.
From the Webinar on zahav.ru 1/13/16

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