What Is Equality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is equality? A person is born, comes into this world, and everything that he sees, everything, is absolutely divided and separate beginning with what he feels inside and ending with what he sees outside. But in spite of it all, for individual people there is a particular desire for equality. Where does this come from?

Answer: All of our characteristics, observations, situations, and laws come from only one state, a state of unity, the state of the analog, integral system in which we are found.

The integral system is built on the principle of our full dependence upon each other. This means that all of us are absolutely equal. Perhaps for one, particular parameters are a thousand times greater than for another, but if the system is completely connected, then for this great person, somehow his greatness depends upon a very small person. This is because the entire system is integral, and if some kind of minimal disruption happens in it, it completely fails! This is the principle of equality.

This principle is not based upon who you were and who I was from the start. It is based upon what we must reach to bring the system to an integral state under our influence. In other words, nature created an integral system and created us completely opposite to this state.

Our role is to reach the ideal state, without connection to which of us is someone great, small, wise, foolish, weak, or strong. All of us must reach mutual dependence upon each other. Only in such a case will we discover ourselves to be completely equal.

Everything is derived from the principle of the wholeness of the system in its initial and final state. And we, in the middle, must bring it to its planned ideal through our efforts. From here are derived all of the laws of mutual cooperation in a group, in a collective, in a society, in humanity.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Integral Method” 9/7/14

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