Fair Distribution: Nothing For Anyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People are unable to reach any agreement on what is fair distribution. Every person has his own “justice.” So how is it possible to establish it?

Answer: You’re right: How is it possible to understand what is fair distribution when one person needs one pound of bread a day and another person five pounds? This depends on one’s habits and inborn qualities. Some people are so fast and clever that in two hours they can earn as much as another person can’t earn in a week.

One person has such wonderful capabilities that he obtains an excellent profession and earns a lot of money, while another person remains a simple blue-collar worker. Everywhere we look, we see these big differences because we are different by our nature and that is why it is very unclear what should be considered fair distribution.

If we could “scan” a person and create a complete, precise map of him, showing what kind of fulfillment he requires, and then fulfill every person, if we had such a device and capabilities, then what could be better! Then everyone would be sure that they are being fulfilled equally. Even if they aren’t fulfilled in full, but only 50-80%, yet everyone would have the same degree of fulfillment.

However, we do not have this capability! So it turns out that we give one person more than another, but on what basis? Because he earned more? But maybe he was created talented by nature. We do not see or feel this justice.

If we are talking about equality, then we mean equal external conditions for everyone. But that is incorrect! So it turns out that it is impossible to establish equality and social justice. Social justice and equality can only be relative. But in order to assess this proportion, I have to be at the end of correction when I am included in everyone and know the concerns of every soul, experiencing it as my own.

Then I will be able to see all the souls before me, throughout all times and in all states, and give each of them fulfillment in the unique form it needs at this moment. That is, even a moment ago you received one thing, and the next moment—another, and the same happens with everyone else too. Inside of this system, everything constantly changes, like in a boiling pot. So is it possible to reach any fair distribution here?

But look at what the Creator is doing! First of all he closes the faucet and says, “None of you will receive anything! If you want, I will give you a small share, just enough for you to live, so you don’t die. And you will receive everything else only on the condition that you begin to love one another. That is, first of all you have to neutralize the differences that I created in you.”

Love will cover all sins, and then there won’t be any difference between us. If I love others, then I don’t care if they receive something instead of me. Let everyone be filled to infinity—I don’t feel bad about it! I am not checking how much every person has and I do not approach others with an egoistic yardstick, with envy and hatred.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/11, “The Nation”

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  1. Dr. Laitman explained this very well, it is extraordinary to see his abilities to relate to the core of the matter in a clear language.

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