Bringing The Worlds Closer

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe rudiments of Kabbalistic teaching originate from Abraham’s book Sefer Yetzira (The Book of Creation), where he explained the main principles of the structure of the upper system that governs our world. This system is called the “upper world.” In relation to it, our world is called the “lower world.” We need to know the structure of the upper system because we are under its constant governance.

The upper governance divides into the private and general. Private governance affects each one of us, and general governance influences all of us simultaneously.

We are under the influence of forces that constantly change according to their specific program. Our destiny depends on them. However, we have the ability to influence these forces and, accordingly, affect our destiny.

Kabbalah says that we practically have no affect on anything in our world. Our world is the result of the forces that descend from the upper world. However, our interaction with these forces, our reaction to them, changes their effect on us—we and these forces mutually interact with each other.

If we understand the essence of this interaction, we will be able to consciously control the influence of the upper world upon our world. Basically, this is the purpose of Kabbalah: It is the reason we need it so much in our time when the upper world keeps descending closer and closer to us.

We feel it getting closer quite clearly because we can no longer continue acting egoistically, as we did over the course of thousands of years of our evolution. Today we are no longer able to control our world since the upper world keeps getting closer, and we do not know how to influence it.

Let us hope that ultimately, our studies will give us this ability. Besides improving our life and making it safe, we will be able to add a new and very special parameter: not simply a comfortable existence in our world, but the perception of the upper system, entry into it, and existence on its level.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 9/4/2011

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  1. Can it be said that the Creator has a desire for humanity to acheive unity through desire and effort rather than by force, but as the, “good that does good”, correction will inevitably come?

  2. In what way does the Sefer Yetzirah go beyond the Sefer Raziel given to us by Adam? Is it, in essence, is Abraham’s going out and seeking to unite people?

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