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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the future society, how will people behave who don’t have the strength and perseverance to attain the goal? Today they don’t even have the power to try to do something for themselves. How will they try to do this for others?

Answer: These people will get strength from serving society and will use the strength for society’s benefit; they will feel immense fulfillment from this. Today they barely move because society doesn’t nourish them with strength, it doesn’t thank them, it doesn’t express appreciation, it doesn’t awaken them, it doesn’t warm or agitate them. Society simply doesn’t pay attention to them.

If they were to begin to awaken the person, then everyone could invest a lot of energy at work. If this is a person and not a beast, then it is always possible to ignite him through envy, lust, and honor. It is necessary only to use these tools wisely. Ultimately, everyone will yearn to give society as much as possible.

Question: But what is there to do if I am not like this? I don’t yearn to give to society!

Answer: Nobody yearns for this today, and not just you! One hundred percent of people are like that, like you. Nobody is born with a desire to give to some stranger. Only crazy people can do it.

But we need to show examples of the method that enables a person to discover the awareness that he will benefit a thousand times more from his connection with others. Nobody is required to sacrifice himself for the sake of society. If we give you the possibility of investing in a profitable business: However much you invest, you will receive a thousand times more. Is it worthwhile to invest or not? Certainly, it is worthwhile!

This is an egoistic calculation. Nobody calls upon you just to love and to sacrifice yourself for others. It is necessary only to understand that there is a special force contained in connection. If we connect and unite for the good of all, then to the degree of his investment, each one will begin to receive interest, profits, and will earn much. You receive both material and spiritual satisfaction.

Question: In what way is this satisfaction different from the satisfaction that a violinist gets from his concert today?

Answer: Your current fulfillment is very limited: a little money and a little respect, this is all. It comes only from people, from how much they clap and cheer, from some positive review that is written afterward in the newspaper.

If you give to society, then through it you begin to see the upper world, its eternity, its wholeness, its higher harmony and you are not just happy about earning another million, having the audience of a thousand people applauding and shouting bravo for you. You enter a higher level, a new world.

It is impossible to convey in words the essence of that payoff; in this is the entire difference between a person and a beast. Now you are getting beastly fulfillment, but if you serve society, you will become a man.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/29/14

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  1. And of a thousand faces I am. And With a thousand arms I reach. A thousands mouths I speak. Every single person has something to contribute. What is there to transcend but your own unique experience? You are the teacher and taught. Anything else is but guidance. Even the blow is to learn. One of my teachers once said, if you can not share knowledge, share love. Just as a seemingly meaningless word can wound, so too can it be profound and uplift. They say the wise remain silent, and in silence they are never heard. Just speak with love. Speak with love to a thousand people and one will learn to love again. Upon the earth, my prophets are spread. I have cast a million of cupids arrows in swarm and many are caught in their midst.

    Dr. Laitman
    Must of course thank you for your arrows. And to every soul.

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