A Kabbalist Is A Person Who Lives In Two Worlds

Laitman_109Question: What does it mean that Kabbalists live in two worlds, in this world and the spiritual world?

Answer: A Kabbalist is a very interesting person. According to our standards, he cannot be called a saint. He is a normal person with five normal senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch).

A Kabbalist exists in a physical body with all of the instincts that are maintained in it, along with a variety of habits and hobbies. This means that a Kabbalist sees, feels, and evaluates the world through his beastly body like every other person.

However, at the same time, he is included in a group of like-minded people who yearn to attain the spiritual world. So, he advances upward according to that yearning. That is the second feature of being considered a Kabbalist.

But people with whom he is connected may no longer exist in our world as bodies; it does not matter. He feels the forces that are behind all objects and is connected with them, meaning with the souls, because our upward yearning is by way of the soul.

On the one hand, he sees this world, feels all of its suffering, and wants to take people out of this world, and on the other hand, he ascends and draws them along after him.

Question: Is there some kind of connection between the physical body and the spiritual ascent of the person?

Answer: There is actually no connection. A person exists in this physical body until he discovers what is called the “point in the heart.” Then, it is as if he leaves his body. He stops being involved with only it. He begins to be involved with the development of the point in the heart.

But this doesn’t mean that he no longer sees the beauty of this world, doesn’t love the people who are close to him, doesn’t want to eat something tasty, and so forth. Everything that is typical of a person in this world exists in him. In other words, people before the spiritual ascent need not fear that they will lose something. On the contrary, they will only expand their circle of communication.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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