Man And Woman: Unity Of Opposites

laitman_571_01Question: The term “created being” is genderless (neither male nor female), but is the created being a man or a woman?

Answer: In fact, the created being is a female because the Creator created a desire. The force, the Light, that created this desire is male.

The Creator is the masculine part and the created being—its feminine part. One part cannot operate without the other. As a result, there are male and female. After all, it is impossible for the Light to be without a vessel and for the vessel to be without the Light, or a plus without minus and minus without the plus. Therefore, everything is based on the union of opposites that is the subject of creation.

The created being initially consists of a male part, which then created the female part, which means that the Light created the desire and then the desire changes itself to resemble the Light. The essence of a man and a woman in our world is to attain their spiritual root and to reside there in the connection between them according to spiritual laws. Then they attain a perfect and eternal state of spiritual flight. This is their purpose in this world.

Question: What is the fundamental difference between them?

Answer: The difference between them is absolute. In our world, we don’t feel how opposite they are from one another. In fact there is nothing more opposite and contrasting than a man and a woman in their spiritual root.

It is actually thanks to the difference over which they must connect into one whole. There is nothing in each of them that the other doesn’t complement since spiritually they can only exist in mutual complement.

I am speaking from the perspective of nature, from a Kabbalistic perspective. I’m not interested in feminist views. This isn’t about psychology or philosophy or some respectable or indecent ideas or views. This is totally irrelevant and has nothing to do with the framework we operate in.

I recognize the wisdom of Kabbalah, which tells us about the created being; how it was created, how it developed, how he was divided into two opposite parts, and how the two parts that stem from one root first draw away from one another and then reconnect and complement one another. This are the male and female parts.

We can attribute very little of what the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us to a man and woman in our world because we are very far from resembling the spiritual attributes and objects. This means that we are neither men nor women in the spiritual sense, but something in the middle, ambiguous and unfinished. We have to go through the whole evolutionary process, then we will realize how we can complement one another and become a single perfect whole. This means to become similar to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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  1. I have studied for a while with the Young Group online. There seems to be an unbalance in the way we men are treating our wives and female friends. Men are not animals and know how to exercise sexual self control when around women. I want to study with a group who treats my wife with the same respect as they do me. I don’t expect her to “understand” or separate from me during our study and be put in a woman group and I don’t want to be put in a man group either. That is ridiculous. My wife works harder than I do to help support our family and I truly know that the Creator would have wanted us to study in a group together, not divided like farm animals. Good luck with reaching “Unity” with old fashioned rules that divided us.

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