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Convention In Italy – 01.16.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Convention in Italy, Lesson 3

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Does It Make Sense To Live Like A Tzaddik (Righteous Person)?

laitman_571_01Question: Is there a reason for living like a Tzaddik in the sense of physically observing the Torah and Mitzvot (commandments) without searching for the Creator?

Answer: All over the world, humanity is heading toward discovery of the Creator. And for this purpose it is absolutely clear that it is necessary to begin to get closer to each other and include all the egoism in this rapprochement.

Therefore it is not enough to be a Tzaddik in the physical sense. In addition, today we are not in such serene conditions as before. Ego has grown in every one of us, and it is up to us to correct it fundamentally so that instead of rejecting each other, we must connect among us. This is our work.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/15/15

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Obama – Ban On Weapons

Laitman_408Question: On a live broadcast, the President of the United States Barack Obama spoke about the need to introduce stringent regulations on arms sales, to tighten controls, to ban the purchase of weapons through the Internet, etc.

Answer: What will change if they ban the sale of weapons. Already there are a large number of weapons in people’s hands? Is it difficult to get a gun?

After all, it is possible for anyone to buy one. Once, I went into a cellar in New York where it turned out that they sold weapons, including small cannons. Please, buy. There is no need for permission or anything: just bring money.

Question: Is this to say that the ban on weapons is not the solution to the problem of mass murder in the United States?

Answer: It certainly isn’t. There is no connection between the one and the other.

Mass murder is the result of the lack of the right education of the populace. If there is no education, then no laws will help, and if you assign a policeman to every citizen, then he too will be involved in this.

We need to form people from a young age and truly make it so that these young people will grow up and become human beings, and will understand how to communicate correctly with each other. It is necessary to teach lessons about patience to them. Suppose that they are yelling at me now while I listen in a relaxed manner, smiling in response, and carefully disagree about things. Training like this is imperative.

It is necessary to teach them about psychology, to discover human nature, the system of mutual relationships between us, to learn how to cooperate mutually with each other, and how to turn every situation so that it will be good both for the other and for me because, from his side, the same response will follow.

Question: Are you saying that the starting point is education?

Answer: It is solely and only education. The situation comes from the evil latent in a person that isn’t balanced.

Education is the most important thing. It is not listening to boring school lectures, but obtaining the proper education through practical training, especially through enacting games from situations in life. That is how a person gets used to playing with one’s egoism in all kinds of situations. And all will be well.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/6/16

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Combining Socialist And Capitalist Approaches Into One

laitman_434Question: The Russian Federation published a new military doctrine for the year 2016 and for the subsequent six years. The new national security strategy determined Russia’s political rivals, which include the United States and its allies.

Likewise, the expansion of NATO, approaching the borders of Russia, and instigating “colorful” revolutions is seen as a national security threat. If we look at this from above, how is the world evolving?

Answer: The world is evolving toward a situation in which everyone will begin to lose and will come to a simple conclustion: We have to unite, eliminating all borders. After all, war is pointless. Today it’s impossible to fight using ordinary weapons.

We still don’t have the vision of the future as far as how the so-called takeover will take place. Ideologically? What kind of ideology can there be if by all accounts, it doesn’t exist. Economically? Go ahead, conquer me….

Today, we are approaching a completely different world. Even though Russia, the United States, and Europe have planned their strategies for the upcoming years, the world will draw completely different conclusions from them.

We should seriously consider how we can create a society that is capitalist in its form and socialist in its content. How can we get a person to work wholeheartedly? It is only through capitalism. How can we get a person to relate well to people? It is only through socialism.

How do we integrate these approaches?

The wisdom of Kabbalah recommends combining these two forms of relationship: a desire to work honestly—basically without receiving a reward—and a desire to treat people as yourself.

After all, the egoism works correctly, compelling you to do your best so that you build a healthy society based upon the principles of bestowal: “received—gave away” or “gave away—received.” This is exactly what is neccessary in production, in commerce, and in fact, in everything.

The relationships between people have to be socialistic, equal concern for all: for children, for the environment, for everything else, but this has to be done from the bottom of one’s heart. And how is it possible to wholeheartedly compete with each other at work and to relate to each other like loved ones in all other circumstances? It is only with a capitalist approach to work relationships and a socialist approach to everything else.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/5/16

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