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There Are No Coincidences In Nature

Laitman_632_1Question: For a person who is very close to death, is there a warning, or is it just a coincidence?

Answer: In nature, there are no coincidences or chance events. Rather, everything is determined and measured with infinite precision.

When a person begins to develop with the goal of discovering the purpose of creation, he discovers the reasons for all that happens to him.

This person is no longer interested in chance events, but yearns to attain the positive force by means of which he can begin to manage his fate and develop his soul, and all of the events of his physical life lose their importance for him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/8/15

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The Only Way To The Creator

laitman_214Question: Do you think that Kabbalah is the only path to the Creator?

Answer: Of course. Try to find another way.

Try finding a science that is capable of investigating the whole world, the entire universe, and that would govern this world in an absolutely realistic way with no belief in any kind of superstition, a science that would provide a person with instruments for revealing the general system of governance and would show a person exactly where he should get involved in order to direct this system in a positive way for himself and for all of humanity.

Find such a methodology, and I would be happy to leave the wisdom of Kabbalah for it because today Kabbalah is precisely such a methodology.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/8/15

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The Outrageous Statement About the Holocaust

Laitman_043Question: The New York Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi claims that six million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust, but only a million.

His opinion is that because 80% of the European Jews were assimilated Jews, they weren’t really Jews and so the actual number of Jews perishing in the Holocaust was less than one million.

What is the difference if the assimilated Jews also were murdered because they were Jews?

Answer: We have reached such a high level of egoism that a hundred years ago was simply impossible. It is incredible that a Jew, no matter what religion he professes, would declare something like this and even be involved in counting those who were murdered.

However, humanity is approaching a peak of egoistic development and, especially among the Jews, statements like
these are possible. I no longer am surprised about anything. Everyone’s main goal is to stand out, to survive, and to accumulate wealth, no matter what it takes.

The ego that dominates people today closes their eyes and hides all other people from them so that they behave according to what is useful and right for them at that moment.

At the time that Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi announced this, he wanted to present himself as a great Tzaddik (Righteous one), or the opposite, to show what apparently happens to heretical Jews.

However, in fact, spiritual leaders like him who lived in those times in Europe are the ones who abandoned all the Jews to be murdered by the Nazis, without giving them the opportunity to emigrate to the land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/1/16

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Forget The Holocaust And Think About The Future


From the News ( “The Ministry of Education’s decision to remove the questions related to the Holocaust on education matriculation exams recently sparked widespread controversy in Israel. Even in NRG, Michal Saul released an article condemning the decision and a call for returning the subject on tests. But in 2015 we are allowed to dare, despite the most terrible crime throughout its history, the State of Israel and the Jewish people can stop picking at the wound so intensely, and move on.”


My Comment: We must not forget history, but it is our obligation to draw the right conclusions about it. After all, the Holocaust didn’t appear out of nowhere and for no reason. Only if we understand the reasons for what happened and uproot them at their source will it be possible to cancel its study. But in the meantime, we must teach all the citizens of Israel what the true reasons were for the occurrence of the Holocaust to prevent its recurrence.

The Holocaust happened because the people of Israel did not seek to unite and to show an example to all the nations of the world. This is their destiny. And as long as they don’t carry this out, the nations of the world will hate them, and will specifically blame them for all the troubles of the world.

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Cyber Monday

Laitman_409Question: Cyber Monday has ended, the day when everything that you want is sold on the Internet with a discount of up to 90%.

This Monday follows “Black Friday,” which begins the sales period. Last year, in one day, two billion dollars of products were sold, and this year three billion. People sat glued to their computers. How would you characterize this phenomenon?

Answer: I would characterize this as a commercial event of inflating the populace because, in principle, it is the sale of emptiness, mostly things that people don’t need. But the hype around it is heated up by everyone: neighbors, the cities, advertising, and the media.

Imagine how an ordinary person is stunned by the general insanity of buying. He cannot resist it; he thinks he will miss something. He runs to do what everyone else is doing.

It is impossible to resist the temptation! It is pointless to resist! And this is what the media is trying to achieve.

The problem is that the world is in great oversupply! It would be possible to feed and fully inundate another two or three additional human populations with the products that are now manufactured. Given another planet with barefoot and naked people, they could be clothed and fed and served the full program! Just bring the money.

What would the money be for? This is also not understood. The main thing is that everything will go around. Specifically it is feared that trade will stop, forcing manufacturers to sell their products at cost and even below cost. After all, today it doesn’t matter; more money is simply printed.

Today we have gone on to a completely different level of development, where it is not money that determines how much a product costs, but the value of goods is determined by people. Do they have a need for this or not? So we are departing from being dominated by money. The game is over. The accumulation of a mass of money no longer works; we are moving on to a new system in which money will be completely eliminated!

So what will be the engine of trade, communication, and manufacturing? In what way and how will they be measured? This is the problem. It must b measured according to a different value, a value that replaces the paper that we are familiar with.

First true value was gold. Then it was changed to banknotes with no backing, and a nation could print ten times more! That means their value is completely conditional. And now it has disappeared. And what is next?

A person will simply go to work, and in exchange receive coupons for personal provisions, or won’t even receive anything at all because they will supply him with everything without any “Black Fridays.” We are moving toward socialist labor where everything operates precisely according to the principle of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Question: Do you see this sign from Cyber ​​Monday?

Answer: Yes. The overproduction of goods, the value of zero and the disappearance of the money supply leads to the fact that we work not for money but for the idea that for each and everyone it is equal, as otherwise there will be none.

Comment: You are saying communist slogans now!

Answer: There is nothing to be done about it! Nature will bring us to this by force. We see that a socialist nation is more profitable than a capitalist one! It will begin to normally begin to take care of the welfare of the citizens and everything will gradually equalize. Whereas capitalism allowed for a small growth of the middle classes and then destroyed it, leaving only the poor and the rich and terrorism was squeezed in between them.

Question: Are you basically talking about what a Soviet person felt in his time?

Answer: No, that was an economically ugly and unjust regime! It seemed to justify itself ideologically: it was apparently worthwhile to pay for equality, friendship, and brotherhood. But it wasn’t! And now these are gradually appearing and pulling new social relationships after them. We are reaching this through natural development! It is even possible to begin to develop ourselves correctly now, to advance forward, not by means of a club and suffering, but through self-education. And then we will achieve this in a better and smoother way.

Question: Does this mean that money will disappear and everything will be based upon connections between people?

Answer: Only connections between people will provide our world with the release of good energy which will balance all of us and really transform our next state, literally miraculously. You will be investing a penny and getting a million! This is because you will no longer adding egoism to your actions, which slows everything down and causes competition. On the contrary, there will be a merging with nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/1/15

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Gatehouse of Intentions,” Item 59

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “First Method — Nature” 

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