Forget The Holocaust And Think About The Future


From the News ( “The Ministry of Education’s decision to remove the questions related to the Holocaust on education matriculation exams recently sparked widespread controversy in Israel. Even in NRG, Michal Saul released an article condemning the decision and a call for returning the subject on tests. But in 2015 we are allowed to dare, despite the most terrible crime throughout its history, the State of Israel and the Jewish people can stop picking at the wound so intensely, and move on.”


My Comment: We must not forget history, but it is our obligation to draw the right conclusions about it. After all, the Holocaust didn’t appear out of nowhere and for no reason. Only if we understand the reasons for what happened and uproot them at their source will it be possible to cancel its study. But in the meantime, we must teach all the citizens of Israel what the true reasons were for the occurrence of the Holocaust to prevent its recurrence.

The Holocaust happened because the people of Israel did not seek to unite and to show an example to all the nations of the world. This is their destiny. And as long as they don’t carry this out, the nations of the world will hate them, and will specifically blame them for all the troubles of the world.

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