The Outrageous Statement About the Holocaust

Laitman_043Question: The New York Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi claims that six million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust, but only a million.

His opinion is that because 80% of the European Jews were assimilated Jews, they weren’t really Jews and so the actual number of Jews perishing in the Holocaust was less than one million.

What is the difference if the assimilated Jews also were murdered because they were Jews?

Answer: We have reached such a high level of egoism that a hundred years ago was simply impossible. It is incredible that a Jew, no matter what religion he professes, would declare something like this and even be involved in counting those who were murdered.

However, humanity is approaching a peak of egoistic development and, especially among the Jews, statements like
these are possible. I no longer am surprised about anything. Everyone’s main goal is to stand out, to survive, and to accumulate wealth, no matter what it takes.

The ego that dominates people today closes their eyes and hides all other people from them so that they behave according to what is useful and right for them at that moment.

At the time that Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi announced this, he wanted to present himself as a great Tzaddik (Righteous one), or the opposite, to show what apparently happens to heretical Jews.

However, in fact, spiritual leaders like him who lived in those times in Europe are the ones who abandoned all the Jews to be murdered by the Nazis, without giving them the opportunity to emigrate to the land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/1/16

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