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Looking At The World Through New Eyes

Laitman_006Question: How can we discover the Creator in every action that we make? After all, we have personal desires, social desires, desires of the group. How can we focus ourselves anew each time?

Answer: When I begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, this world still dominates me. Car or bus rides, house chores, trips to the bank and post office, seeing different people, places, the news, the radio, TV, the Internet with all its confusion—I am totally filled by this world.

Kabbalah brings along different problems that are meant to build an empty place in us, to make room, to shake me and create a part in me that doesn’t belong to this world. Even when I am still confused in this world and don’t get along in it, I detach myself from it to some extent eventually. It isn’t that I don’t depend on it but that I am not automatically dominated by it. Here this world doesn’t dominate me and doesn’t have the powers that dominate everyone in the world.

In our ordinary life everything is connected: a person who is born and raised in the jungle behaves according to the laws of the jungle. The same applies to the urban jungle, anyway the world dominates a person and formats him from childhood. So to give me the opportunity to look at things more objectively and independently I have to be shaken to make room inside me for another perspective, and this takes a long time.

I can shorten time by connecting to the group. If I am strongly connected to the friends, more blows can be sent to me, more shakings, and then I advance faster. However, these aren’t ordinary blows and troubles but blows in the relationship that I try to make stronger. If instead of tightening my connection with the world, I tighten my connection with the friends in the group and focus on that, I will feel more blows in that respect and this is where I will have more discernments and more experience.

This is how I shorten time: by transforming the external blows and troubles into internal ones, thus making them more qualitative. It is impossible to do so without blows, but here they become purposeful.

I begin to worry about the group and to take care of it in my connection with the friends, in my attitude to the study and dissemination, and this becomes the most important thing for me. Now I begin to look at the world in a more objective manner, or at least from the side, and not according to my previous discernments of the world but with new discernments. Now I begin to see everything that happens through the principle of “there is none else besides Him,” through the discernments of the group, and I see everything in an opposite manner.

But this happens very slowly. First I tip the scale a bit each time in favor of this world, which means that I look at everything—the family, home, the study, friends, my world, the bank and other institutions like the post office, the medical care clinic, social security, the education system, etc.—through different eyes. I feel all that as one whole called my world, which is clarified in my vessels, in my desires, but I still have to see the one upper leadership that demands the same one unique attitude toward everything from me. Thus the whole picture becomes a meeting place with the Creator for me. He fixes everything and I reveal Him in every single detail in this world.

This is a very good discernment and we should reach it as soon as possible so that from now on we will begin to take care of the phase of Ibur (conception).
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/14, The Book of Zohar

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When Will ISIS Fall Apart?

laitman_936Question: Should we envy ISIS for being united while we are not, and that the force of the Creator is with them and not with us? Will this envy push us to unite and have the Creator on our side while ISIS falls apart?

Answer: It says that a remote city (a united city) cannot be destroyed because when people are united they are filled with the upper force (unity is an attribute of the upper system, so even when the wicked unite, the upper force is with them). It is a law of nature.

The Creator doesn’t sit in heaven and decide what to do with each one. It is the highest, single unified force of nature that sustains all of creation, the desire, and to the extent that creation is similar to the the upper force, is closer or  more distant from it.

But as soon as we begin to unite, ISIS will be damaged because our unity is not the unity of the wicked, who wish to harm others, but of the righteous who want to do good to others. Even a small unity will disintegrate ISIS.

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The Way To Achieve Harmony With Nature

laitman_947Question: You say that everything depends on a person, but what can I do against the entire country?

Answer: No one can do anything. For that, we need large social systems that would understand how to act and would be able to join together to influence the country.

If the majority of people in Israel would understand that they must create a new connection among themselves, then they will be able to influence everything.

One person is unable to change anything! He must join the system that demonstrates unity. We must learn how to unite. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to do that. Only then can we influence the entire nation.

When the people desire something, the government has no choice but to give in. We won’t even need elections to the Knesset. The people themselves will create a different system of relations.

Question: What do I need to do for that to happen?

Answer: You need to sign up for the course in Integral Education and begin learning how nature acts upon us and how we can reach balance with it, and thus come to harmony with nature and each other.
From the Webinar on 1/13/16

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All Of You Have Time

laitman_599_02Question: How can a person develop to such a degree that he can engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, understand it, accept it, and ascend to the level of unity in such a short lifetime?

Answer: People of different ages come to study with us. Life isn’t as short as it seems, but is accurately built according to laws that enable a person to fulfill himself properly during his lifetime. The moment you begin to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, you have the feeling that time flies and that you don’t have enough time.

But, in fact, time becomes compressed, and suddenly you feel that you can manage everything. This is how it is arranged from above by the upper leadership.

You don’t live in an unknown world by unknown rules. The moment that you begin to operate toward the goal of creation, you immediately are incorporated in it and are under the influence of totally different forces. A person can begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah at the age of 70 and still manage everything. There is no limit.

We don’t need to think about that. It isn’t our job but that of the leadership system, which only now reveals to us that we need to care for the integrality of all of mankind, a process we can take a most active part in and that won’t take place without us.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/29/15

laitman_570Question: How can I take responsibility for my actions in this world and not blame the Creator for them?

Answer: My responsibility is summed up by my needing to invest all physical, moral, spiritual and mental efforts, whatever there may be, so that the group I am in will be like a single whole.

Question: Is it possible to reach full spiritual realization in one’s lifetime?

Answer: Certainly, otherwise why are we given this relatively short lifetime? In the first twenty years, we don’t know what to do at all, in the last twenty years, we are senile, in the middle are continuous problems.

What remains for us is only to invest effort, let’s say, for a few years of our lives, and this is enough. If we make the right clarifications in life, we invest only three to five years in our spiritual development.

Question: Is it possible to avoid a third world war? After all, the Creator loves humanity.

Answer: There is something I hadn’t noticed, but it is absolutely possible to avoid disaster. So, the Creator gave us the method for our development, the final goal, and the power to attain it. He loves those who advance toward the goal.

Question: What is suffering from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: From the perspective of Kabbalah, suffering is the feeling that appears from detachment from others.

Question: Is the goal of life to save everyone?

Answer: The goal is to bring humanity to an eternal perfect state.

Question: Who would survive in the event of a war?

Answer: Only those people who are most capable of spiritual advancement would survive. This doesn’t mean that they would already be in spirituality or close to it. But they would be close to the realization of the wisdom of Kabbalah in their inner state.

The collapse of the world would happen according to completely different laws than the way it seems to us. It is not that the people closest to spirituality would remain and the others would be killed. On the contrary, the Tzaddikim (Righteous) are the first to go.

Question: When I am in a group, will my beastly desires disappear by themselves or do I need to get rid of them?

Answer: It is not necessary to get rid of anything. Come to a group as you are with all of your animal desires.

Question: Are you the master over your desires?

Answer: I am not master over my desires. At every given moment, new desires appear in me. I don’t choose them, but only try to direct and supervise their correct implementation. But I do not control them.

On the contrary, these Reshimot (informational records) appear in us spontaneously. But they are spontaneous only in the eyes of the person, and in fact, are revealed according to a particular program. There is a “meter,” that throws us new Reshimot every moment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/29/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.25.16

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