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laitman_214Question: How can I show an example to others that by studying Kabbalah I am in a better place?

Answer: There’s no way. When a person begins to study Kabbalah, he sees in it such knowledge, logic, and depth that it simply amazes him.

He will understand that all the rest of the sciences of our world are explained very simply within it, and it advances them further. Kabbalah tells a person what must be done to reach general integral knowledge about our world and the upper worlds, about the management system of our world.

We need to see the system of creation because then we can not only manage ourselves, but also rise to the system of management itself and exist in it in the form in which we existed prior to the physical body.

Before entering our body, we were within the program of creation. But now we have the possibility of achieving this program and living simultaneously in two worlds. And then from our perspective there will be neither time nor death. We must yearn for this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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