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The Miracle Of Hanukkah, Part 2 – The Miracle Must Happen!

laitman_944Question: What does the miracle of the Hanukkah holiday symbolize?

Answer: If we are connected with each other, we discover a system called the “soul” between us within which the higher force is revealed. This system is eternal, and when we discover it, we feel connected with the flow of eternal and permanent life. We no longer die, but exist in an eternal and perfect world.

After the first miracle happened—which is called the exodus from Egypt and revealed the eternal and perfect reality to us that exists beyond our physical and temporal view—suddenly our ego returned and enslaved us. The ego returned us again to the beastly body, so only this unhappy world is seen through it.

Here a struggle happens between us to restore our connection built according to the method of our father Abraham and making it even stronger. If we connect, then we rise above the evil forces and again enter into awareness of the upper world, which is eternal and perfect. This is called the war of the Maccabees against the Hellenists.

The Hellenists are those forces within us that separate us. For example, the force of rejection between me and you, among all the Jews in the land of Israel, forces us to quarrel, cut each other off on the highways, and strive to succeed at the expense of others. This alien force is located between us; so let’s root it out, destroy and remove it, connect, and transform to be as one man in one heart.

The force of the Greeks doesn’t let us feel that we are close to each other, ready to help each other. It is against the unity of the people of Israel. The “Greeks” are the forces of separation between us and not people who lived in Greece. If we begin to struggle with these forces of egoism, then we can achieve success with the help of the upper force that makes it possible for us to defeat them and unite.

When we unite, we feel that a miracle happened, and we are filled with the Upper Light, with higher spiritual life. All of our previous life on this land was only to implement this internal spiritual ascent.

Question: Does all of this depend only on our relationships with each other?

Answer: Only on that. The entire Torah speaks only about this, about our unity. Let’s do an exercise like this in Israel: Throughout this week of Hanukkah, let’s be a bit kinder toward each other and expect a miracle.

The miracle must happen! Suddenly, a leap to a new level will happen, and in addition to this world, we will begin to feel the upper world in which we also exist, but we don’t perceive with our five senses. It is possible to feel the upper world only on condition that we unite among us.

Question: What is the upper world?

Answer: The upper world is a new reality that is felt here and now. Now, we are living simply on a geographic area, and then the next level is revealed to us.

The miracle of Hanukkah is a symbol of this, that we can attain some Light in our lives that draws us forward and makes it possible for us to see the world from end to end, filling ourselves with eternal joy here and now. The key to all of this is to unite at least a bit.

This small jar of oil is that light that reaches our lives if we connect with others.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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The Revival Of The Spiritual Level

laitman_925The Torah, “Numbers” 20:27 – 20:29: Moses did as the Lord commanded him. They ascended Mount Hor in the presence of the entire congregation. Moses then stripped Aaron of his garments and dressed Eleazar his son in them, and Aaron died there on the top of the mountain. [Then] Moses and Eleazar descended from the mountain.

The whole congregation saw that Aaron had expired, and the entire house of Israel wept for Aaron for thirty days.

Death spoken about in the Torah—the deaths of Aaron, Miriam, Moses, or other souls that attain the Creator and which are the foundations of the general system of man’s soul—means an ascent, not the demise of the body. The body is the corporeal level of a person and so there is nothing to mourn.

In the spiritual world, if the system called Aaron has completed its role, Aaron dies because he need not correct himself anymore; it is completely corrected to join the common system of the soul of Adam. This is called death.

What we regard in our world as a tragic event is a great joy in the spiritual world. It is written that the “…righteous, who, in their death, are called living.”

Question: But it says here that “the entire house if Israel wept for Aaron for thirty days.”

Answer: They wept because he was no longer with them, but was incorporated in the general state, so they couldn’t count on him specifically.They are deprived of the visible, physical support and communication, but of course, the whole system called Aaron remains. It is an enormous sub-system of the leadership in the general soul of man, but not the same level that the people are on. This is the reason they wept for him, but for a very limited time.

We mourn the dead for seven days, then in the memorial service after thirty days, and then once a year, not more than that. There are special days of visiting the cemetery: seven days after the burial and then after thirty days, and then once a year on the day that the person passed away. The reason is that death is the revival of the spiritual level that is totally detached from the body that is buried. Baal HaSulam used to say that he didn’t care at all where his sack of bones would be buried.

In ancient times, 2,500 to 3,000 years ago, before the exile from the land of Israel, the deceased were placed in a cave and walled in for one year. In a year, the caves were opened and everything that was left of the decayed bodies was collected in a vessel, sealed, and placed in a common cave. The tradition to bury dead bodies in the ground appeared later.

Today, we know the places of many ancient burials in various regions such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, and so on, since the land of Israel was much broader at that time than today. For example, Moshe and Aaron are buried on the other side of the river Jordan.

Many of the graves of ancient Kabbalists who lived more than 2,000 years ago, before the destruction of the Temple, are located in Galilee. The ARI, the greatest Kabbalist of the 16th century, listed them. That’s how they were discovered.

The ARI walked the fields between Safed and Mount Meron where Rabbi Shimon was buried and pointed out the sages’ graves. Then, the tombstones with the names of the Kabbalists were placed on the graves.

The ARI sensed who and where each was buried because the root and the branch are linked. Even though the body is not a spiritual part of the human being, it still is related somehow with the spiritual component and suffers together with it. So the ARI was able to accurately find the connection and locate the burial places. Since then, monuments to great Kabbalists can be seen in Galilee.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/15

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Why Is The Hour Of Our Death Not Known?

Laitman_080Question: Why is the hour of our death hidden from us?

Answer: It is very good that it is hidden because I have to reach a state where it is not important to me at what moment in my life, in my beastly existence, I will be separated from the physical body.

I must reach a state where I will live in the soul not the body, so it doesn’t make any difference to me if I exist in a body or not. If I continue to exist within it, this is only so that in some way I will bestow even more to humanity, to the world.

So, it makes no difference to me at what moment I will be separated from the body. I am simply under the control of the higher management, and that’s it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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