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The Fire Of Unity Will Illuminate Our Lives

laitman_943Question: What is the Kabbalistic meaning of the Chanukah holiday?

Answer: Hanukkah is a holiday of Light. We celebrate a state where the Light enters our lives, illuminates them, warms and unites us. All that is required from us is to be better towards each other, not to quarrel and bicker.

Comment: This reminds me of the instructions my mother gave me when I was a child.

Answer: What can you do if you haven’t listened to these words until today?! This is the discovery of our egoistic evil inclination. During the Hanukkah holiday we celebrate the coming of the Light, which reigns in our ego and makes it possible to hear that we must connect and unite and in this way expel the darkness.

Darkness is our separation, the conflicts, arguments, competitiveness, and the desire to exploit and dominate others. And we want to be good friends who rejoice in each others’ successes; we share in everything: the general joy as if we belong to a single body. If we take at least the tiniest step in this direction, we will see how a small lamp, the smallest jar of oil, will kindle a strong, warm and good fire that illuminates all our lives.

Question: How is it possible to explain the miracle of that one jar of oil that burned for eight days to people who don’t believe in miracles?

Answer: A miracle is a force, an action of a law of nature that in the meantime is unknown to us. So we perceive this force as a miracle. But in fact, it exists in nature and there are no miracles.

For us it seems like a miracle that we are approaching a natural Light that is revealed from above; it is the force of the mind, the force of the Light and the life that we acquire ourselves thanks to our unity. In this way we eliminate all the enemies that are within us that don’t let us unite. This is the war of the Maccabees on behalf of our unity. If we succeed in expelling the “Hellenists” (Greeks), our individual egoistic desires found among us, and connect, then we discover the Light in our lives. And the Chanukah holiday is dedicated to this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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Help For Finding Deficiencies In The White Light!

laitman_528_01Question: What does it mean not to be afraid to start each degree anew after all results from the previous work are erased?

Answer: Let’s assume that I am in a good state, meaning feeling the connection with the friends. This state is not necessarily pleasant to my ego, but by relating to the goal, I feel good; that is, I understand its importance and am aimed at the goal.

With this, I can go through difficult, unpleasant, confusing states, but the only criteria for evaluating all these states is the understanding of the necessity for attaining the level of Ubar (Embryo). And the same can be applied not only to the stage of the Ubar, but also to the subsequent higher degrees.

I am happy with my lot and progress. Where can I fall from this state if the importance of the goal and the importance of my degree are giving me inspiration? I am happy that I overcame this state, and with the help of the friends, the teacher, the study, the Creator it becomes clearer to me that all these states are the components from which my spiritual vessel is assembled.

It is not important if these states are pleasant or not, the main thing is that I rise above them, hold them together, and understand that this is my world through which I must aspire to the good that does good and there is none else besides Him. No matter what is going on inside me—what seething volcano of desires, intentions, qualities quake in me—all this is rubbish, and I am above them and build a white picture above the black picture.

I can fall from it again to this world and suddenly lose all aspiration for spirituality and be satisfied with corporeal comfort. I can fall to this state if I have not looked for deficiencies in advance. And then I fall to the degree of this world; I live in this world like a regular man, and even come to study, but this is simply a routine that will continue until I am tired of it.

If I don’t want such a descent, then I need to look for deficiencies while still in the higher state, in the “white light.” And this is possible only if I have prepared a strong connection with the friends that will add clarifications. How could I reach perfection by myself at this point? I justified the Creator and my state, so now where will I find deficiencies? Only the group can awaken them in me. When I am connected with them through mutual guarantee, then I am impressed by their importance of the goal. The importance of the goal that I receive from them is greater than mine. And I must tie myself to it.

After I have tied myself to the importance of the goal, I discover that I have no need for such importance. I have no aspiration or attraction. I don’t burst to feel it, and therefore, I am aware of my lack of desire. I begin to search where to get such a need from. There isn’t anywhere, because I am already fulfilled. As if I had eaten until there is no room for more in some cheap restaurant, and when I came home I found that my wife had prepared my favorite meal, and I say I couldn’t resist and had eaten on the way home. Now I suffer from heartburn, don’t feel good, and even feel nauseous; I can’t eat anything more. This means that I don’t feel the lack; where can I get it?

We are exactly in this state. After we have fulfilled ourselves and completed our degree only from the outside are we able to receive an additional desire. If I sit with friends and have a small drink, the appetite will awake in me. We must do such simple tricks in order to receive new deficiencies from the environment. If I don’t have an environment, I will fulfill myself and that’s it.

Without the support of friends, I am sentenced to fall to the degree of this world, to the state of “beast,” and to live in it. With this, due to the fact that I still go to the lessons and participate in some activities, I gradually receive from others their desires, exit from the routine of the study, and rise to the new degree. But this will take a very long time.

Therefore, after attaining some degree, one needs to immediately check if you are in the correct connection with the environment. Now I am giving you valuable practical advice that will cost a lot of blood for a person who wants to build this system, the method. If you see that you have received a new desire and again you caught fire, then it means that your connection with the friends worked, that there is guarantee between you. If there is no guarantee, you will fall to the level of beastly existence and live such a life.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, The Book of Zohar, 2/16/14

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“Democracy Has Departed The West”

Laitman_115_06Opinion (Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration): “As far as I can tell, not only has democracy departed the Western world, but also compassion, empathy for others, morality, integrity, respect for truth, justice, faithfulness, and self-respect. Western civilization has become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. …

“The Western World is on its last legs. Unemployment is horrendous for European and American youth—primarily for the educated. …

“The Wall Street Mentality—unlimited Greed—has taken over American life, and this greed has been exported to Europe, which had achieved a sharing relationship between labor and capital. Today Europe, like the US, is an opportunity wasteland for the young. Greece has been sacrificed for the private bankers, and Italy, Spain, and Portugal are waiting in the wings. In the place of independent European countries, a fascist centralized authority is rising.”

My Comment: Everything is going according to the Creator’s plan—to the recognition of the evil of our nature until we reach the sole desire the get rid of it, as the source of all evil, like a snake shedding its skin. The speed and ease of reaching this freedom depend only on our recognition that the egoism is the only evil component of humanity. This is exactly what the wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for, and through its method we can speed up the recognition of evil, of the attributes of receiving and hate, break free from them, and acquire the good, the attribute of love and bestowal.

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Cancer As A Metaphor

laitman_272From the News ( “Human cancers are among the most severe pathology. And the severity of this depends not only on the degree of aggressiveness of the disease, but also the ability to successfully overcome the immunological barriers of the healthy body. Immunity can withstand the introduction and breeding of alien organisms (viruses, bacteria, single and multicellular organisms) because alien genotypes are easily recognized and the body destroys the invading aliens with antibodies.

“A cancerous cell has the same genotype as the healthy cells and at first the body practically does not react to cancer cells. The immune response is virtually absent, no rejection occurs as degeneration of the cancer cell is perceived as their own. But it is nonetheless different from normal cells:

  1. Cancer cells lose their ability to specialization,… or the cells can no longer perform their normal functions.
  2. At the same time, the cancer cells proliferate much more rapidly than healthy cells.
  3. Cancer cells exposed to active migration through the lymphatic vessels. Thus, ahead of healthy cells in the rate of reproduction, they gradually form a tumor. Tumor cells do not perform functions of the body. The migration of cancer cells allows forming a tumor and other organs. With the active reproduction are, in turn, the conditions under which the cells rapidly die. The tumor breaks. The body is destroyed from within. The death of the biological system is imminent.

“The principles of construction and functioning of a nation is almost identical to any biological creation. The country as a living organism, is an evolutionarily formed border, implemented by the mutual exchange of products, information. But for all the progressive activity, the essential and vital factor is the preservation of its identity, i.e., territorial and, importantly, the functional integrity of the country. Without the ‘defense (immune) system,’ protection of a country is unsustainable.

” …humanism can be justified only to a certain extent – if humanity does not go beyond what is permitted, does not destroy the integrity of the current evolutionary system. Exaggerated, unjustified humanism, creates conditions that destroy the basic foundations of the State, should be qualified as a false ‘humanism’ unacceptable under any circumstances and a crime.

“Migration, as such, is estimated to be justified as an evolutionary fluctuation of nature. But when a small refreshing wave turns into a tsunami – a catastrophic situation. … Migrants without encountering a stiff ‘immune response’ are massively introduced into a system alien to them. The vast majority of migrants, as well as cancer cells, do not participate in the public system. Like cancer cells, they consume the products of the state. Like cancer cells, they multiply more actively. Like cancer cells, they also actively migrate to other regions. And finally, like cancer cells, they are fighting for their existence. Struggling for their existence, as individual evolutionarily developed populations with a special mentality, they strongly oppose integration.

“Being in an alien atmosphere,… they will not stop the struggle for the re-establishment of their native culture in the new territories. Recovery from cancer possible. But, unfortunately, only in the early stages. Leaders should stop immigration and deport the immigrants who have arrived, cutting out the tumor, continue therapy, and continue help for the undeveloped nations.

“Wishing good, we are not following the biological laws, often causing irreparable harm.”

My Comment: All systems: still, vegetative, animate, social, etc. are arranged according to one general rule, otherwise they cannot survive. So this makes it possible for us to test them on the basis of their similarity to each other.

When the European Union absorbs immigrants from opposite backgrounds, it doesn’t understand that even if the immigrants are friendly, they cannot get used to life in Europe; they will surely remain in their mentalities, will be opposed to anything that is alien, and will try to arrange the environment that is under their control. Here there is a program of European development…

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“The Occupation Of Europe Was Planned”

laitman_431_05Opinion (Irina Horeva, artist): “There are 1.5 million refugees in Germany and another several millions on the way. There is no doubt and it is a fact that this flow of immigrants is not spontaneous but well organized. Someone has decided to destroy the European civilization and to turn humanity into a mass that can be easily managed.

“The occupation of Europe had been planned for quite a while now. Organizing millions of people and putting them on the road is a costly business, which also takes time, but someone has invested in this process. Someone is responsible for the PR and for providing buses for these people on the Turkish border paying for their ticket on this journey. The cost of the journey from Iraq to Germany is 20,000 dollars per person. 7,000 passports are issued daily in Afghanistan. There are also people from Haiti in this mass, are they also escaping cruel Assad? Europe doesn’t know how to stop this flood.

“The UN representative are pressuring the European governments, saying that they mustn’t stop the illegal crossing of political borders because it is against human rights! Now the Europeans have fewer rights than the ‘refugees.’ The European governments don’t want to hear the voices of their own citizens and listen only to the opinion of the UN and of non-government organizations that have great weight in Europe. The media channels keep quiet regarding the current events. At the same time the ‘refugees’ continue the ethnic and religious conflicts in Europe too. The Europeans have been brainwashed for decades by the media and have been manipulated in different ways, which make them feel guilty and oblige them to be tolerant and show solidarity. The result is the phenomenon of ghettos: the Europeans are leaving their cities Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich and establishing communities in the suburbs and in villages.

“Once this mass gnaws Europe it will move eastwards towards Russia. The flow of ‘refugees’ is managed from the outside and is leading to a demographic disaster in Europe. Not all the Europeans are ready to accept this situation or to resist. One thing is clear: these people aren’t running away from a war, they are carrying it with them.”

My Comment: No one has mentioned who is organizing, paying for, and orchestrating all this. Although it doesn’t really matter, because in our world whoever is stronger, is just and has the right to do everything that he sees fit. Everyone will follow him without any other choice. This situation is what we all need in order to recognize our egoistic nature and to hate it, until we have the power to give it up.

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The Rebellion Of The Internal Canaanites

Laitman_049_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 21:1 – 21:3: The Canaanite king of Arad, who lived in the south, heard that Israel had come by the route of the spies, and he waged war against Israel and took from them a captive.

Israel made a vow to the Lord, and said, “If You deliver this people into my hand, I shall consecrate their cities.”

The Lord heard Israel’s voice and delivered the Canaanite. He destroyed them and [consecrated] their cities, and he called the place Hormah.

We all exist in one desire, in one body, and although from the ego’s perspective it seems that we hate one another, we actually hate our own parts, our children and our relatives, the people who are closest to us who seem the most hateful and distant. This all will be revealed in the future, and humanity will be shocked by its actions.

In the Torah, the concept “to fight” also refers to the rebellion of the egoistic desires. However, when a person cannot fight them, he naturally asks for the Creator’s help because He is the only force that governs and controls everything. This is the reason that Israel turns to Him.

Every victory is about a person overcoming his egoistic desires—which, in this case, are called Canaanites—and transforming them to altruistic ones.

In other words, when our internal Canaanites rebel inside us, we need the Creator’s help, and the Creator helps us to overcome them. We destroy all of the egoistic intentions we have and advance.

The conquering of the land of Israel is a change of the seven major egoistic intentions for ourselves into intentions for the Creator, to bestowal and love.

The children of Israel take an oath to destroy the Canaanite city, which means the egoistic desires in them, because a man is a small world that includes everything in him, and this is why he needs the Creator’s help.

But how can the people of Israel who yearn for love ask the eternal Creator who loves everyone to destroy someone? Unfortunately, people don’t understand what the Torah says, and they think that it is an evil nation! However, the Torah presents opposite evidence, because in the spiritual world, everything is with the intention of in order to bestow, while in our world, it is all for filling myself.

Killing yourself means killing the egoist in you. Killing someone else means killing the egoist in me called by a different name, not my own. This means that this is our next state.

There are different methods of correction: partial, temporary, permanent, and ultimate corrections. The Torah tells us how the complete correction is achieved in different states. It is just like in our world. We advance, correct something, and leave something. Then something comes back to us once again, rising from the depths, and we must correct it once again.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/15

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