“Democracy Has Departed The West”

Laitman_115_06Opinion (Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration): “As far as I can tell, not only has democracy departed the Western world, but also compassion, empathy for others, morality, integrity, respect for truth, justice, faithfulness, and self-respect. Western civilization has become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. …

“The Western World is on its last legs. Unemployment is horrendous for European and American youth—primarily for the educated. …

“The Wall Street Mentality—unlimited Greed—has taken over American life, and this greed has been exported to Europe, which had achieved a sharing relationship between labor and capital. Today Europe, like the US, is an opportunity wasteland for the young. Greece has been sacrificed for the private bankers, and Italy, Spain, and Portugal are waiting in the wings. In the place of independent European countries, a fascist centralized authority is rising.”

My Comment: Everything is going according to the Creator’s plan—to the recognition of the evil of our nature until we reach the sole desire the get rid of it, as the source of all evil, like a snake shedding its skin. The speed and ease of reaching this freedom depend only on our recognition that the egoism is the only evil component of humanity. This is exactly what the wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for, and through its method we can speed up the recognition of evil, of the attributes of receiving and hate, break free from them, and acquire the good, the attribute of love and bestowal.

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